Did Kate Walsh’s Madeline Leave Emily in Paris?

The third season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ begins with Emily Cooper deciding to leave Savoir and her mentor Madeline Wheeler to join Sylvie’s new company. Although she starts to help Sylvie to land new clients, she fails to break the news of her change of heart to Madeline, especially since she is alone in Savoir and dealing with several personal and professional crises. While Emily tries to help her in whatever way she can, Sylvie wages a war against the American executive, which threatens the operation of the marketing company she developed. In light of the same, we have found out whether we have seen the last of Kate Walsh’s Madeline in the series. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Madeline?

Madeline Wheeler arrives in Paris to inspect Savoir on behalf of the Gilbert Group in the second season of the show. She finds out that Sylvie has been prioritizing the needs of her personal acquaintances over the growth of the company upon discovering that the latter hasn’t increased the fee received from Antoine Lambert and his company Maison Lavaux. Madeline introduces several changes in the company, only to infuriate Sylvie, Julien, and Luc. The trio forms a new company and forces Madeline and Savoir nearly out of business. Gilbert Group asks Madeline for an explanation but she fails to give the parent company any hope regarding reviving Savoir.

Image Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Sylvie teams up with Henri to force Madeline and Savoir out of the building complex. Henri turns on the heater and releases a pigeon inside Madeline’s office, which infuriates her. With no clients to serve and an office to operate, Gilbert Group decides to shut down Savoir and asks Madeline to return to Chicago. She also learns that her company’s acquisition of Savoir was motivated by several shady affairs, which also plays a part in the closing down of the company. Before Madeline leaves, Emily makes it clear that she wants to stay in Paris and work for Sylvie. Madeline understands Emily’s intentions and wishes her luck before leaving for Chicago.

The second half of the third season of the show doesn’t feature Madeline. Since Emily has found a home in Sylvie’s company Agence Grateau, it is unlikely that she will leave for Chicago to join Madeline. Since the show’s fourth season is already greenlit, the viewers must be wondering whether we will see Kate Walsh again in the romantic drama. Let’s find out.

Did Kate Walsh Leave Emily in Paris?

Neither Netflix nor Kate Walsh has released a statement regarding the actress’ departure from ‘Emily in Paris.’ However, considering Madeline’s departure to Chicago and Walsh’s absence in the second half of the third season, it is safe to say that we may not see Madeline as a significant character in the fourth season of the show. Emily cuts her professional ties with Madeline after joining Agence Grateau and finds a new mentor in Sylvie. Therefore, she doesn’t have any reason to re-enter Madeline’s life, which indicates that the latter’s story arc is concluded for good.

Since the show only revolves around Emily and the people associated with her in the city of Paris, Madeline doesn’t have any scope to be a pivotal part of the fourth season. If Madeline decides to leave Chicago to work in Paris, following her dreams, we may see her again in the romantic drama. But the unlikeliness of the same leads us to the conclusion that Walsh most likely left the show. Having said that, we may see her feature in season 4 in a guest capacity, as Roe Hartrampf appears as Doug in the third season in a single scene after briefly appearing in the first installment of the show.

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