Did Mike O’Malley’s Sam Roche Leave Snowpiercer?

In TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer,’ Brakeman Sam Roche is one of the few characters who do not act beyond righteousness to display their authority. As an incredible mentor to Bess and a trustworthy associate of Layton, Roche helps bring a positive attitude among his fellow passengers. He stands with Layton’s resistance and the notions of democracy, even when he comes across Mr. Wilford in flesh and bone.

Rather than trying to selfishly secure his life by switching sides, Roche stands with his understandings, which leads to severe consequences. The second season of the show reveals that the wrath of Wilford does fall on Roche and his family. As Roche’s absence continues even in the third season premiere, one must be wondering whether Mike O’Malley and his admired character have bid their farewells to the thriller show. Let’s find out!

What Happened to Sam Roche?

When Layton and the other Tailies proclaim rebellion, Sam Roche arrives at crossroads. While his duty and responsibilities ask him to prevent the revolution, his righteousness and conscience align with Layton’s vision of Snowpiercer. He joins Layton’s force and starts to assist him in pivotal decisions concerning the train. However, his life turns around when Mr. Wilford arrives at the Snowpiercer. Seeing his former security officer by the side of Layton stuns Wilford as well.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

Even when Roche’s wife asks him to reconsider his alliance, the brakeman chooses to be with Layton. He fights for him and assists the resistance against Wilford severely — but not without consequences. When Wilford takes hold of the Snowpiercer, upon sending Layton to the swamps, he locks Roche and his family in the drawers as retaliation against the brakeman’s association with the Tailies. As Roche and his family’s fate comes to a tragic and indefinite stop, one must be curious whether Mike O’Malley’s character has left the show already! Let us provide the answers.

Did Mike O’Malley Leave Snowpiercer?

No, Mike O’Malley did not leave ‘Snowpiercer.’ When Wilford takes control of the Snowpiercer, he establishes his authority by harming the people who help Layton. His wrath befalls Roche and his family, leading to them going to prison. Even though Roche is in one of the drawers, fans of the admirable character can be at ease since the character is not expected to leave the show.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

Ahead of season 3, Mike O’Malley was promoted to a series regular from a recurring capacity, which answers any speculation regarding the actor’s exit. Not only is Mike not leaving, but we will also see the actor in increased capacity, indicating his added significance. We can definitely hope for the drawers of the train to get opened as soon as possible, for the return of Roche.

Even though there’s no Layton and Bess to look after him in the Snowpiercer, we may see him joining the brewing resistance movement. If Roche gets released from the drawer, there’s a possibility that he and Ruth will join hands to resist Wilford’s gradual authoritarian growth. Especially in the absence of Layton and Melanie, Roche and Ruth’s alliance can be a pivotal point in Wilford’s potential dethronement.

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