Did Sarah Kill Mia in Run Rabbit Run?

Netflix’s ‘Run Rabbit Run’ is a horror thriller film directed by Daina Reid that stars Sarah Snook (‘Succession‘) as Sarah, a single mother who lives with her daughter, Mia. However, when Mia claims she is Alice, Sarah’s deceased sister, Sarah is forced to confront her dark past. The film ends on an ambiguous leaving viewers uncertain about Mia’s faith. However, some hints imply Sarah might be responsible for her daughter’s death. Therefore, viewers must wonder whether Sarah kills Mia in ‘Run Rabbit Run.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sarah May Not Have Killed Mia

In ‘Run Rabbit Run,’ Sarah lives with her daughter, Mia, in a suburban South Australia house. However, Sarah becomes concerned when Mia depicts unusual behavior after her seventh birthday. Eventually, Mia claims that she is Alice, Sarah’s long-lost sister who died in an accident years ago, with only Sarah knowing the truth about Alice’s death. As the narrative progresses, Sarah must confront her past because of Mia’s erratic and strange behavior. Ultimately, it is revealed that Sarah and Alice were polar opposites and did not share a cordial relationship. One day, Sarah accidentally hit Alice on the head with a rabbit trap before pushing her over the edge of her cliff, causing Alice’s death.

During the movie’s climax, Sarah admits the truth about Alice’s death in front of Mia. She addresses Mia as Alice and attempts to apologize for her past behavior. However, Mia calls Sarah a monster for her actions in the past. The next morning, when Sarah wakes up, she sees Alice and Mia walking hand-in-hand to the same cliff from where Alice fell and died. Sarah is helplessly trapped behind a window as he is unable to stop Mia from meeting the same fate as Alice. However, the movie ends without revealing Mia’s fate but leaves viewers with the apparent impression that Sarah killed Mia.

In the movie, viewers see several instances where Sarah hallucinates or imagines certain scenarios. These moments are interspersed with Sarah fighting with her internal guilt over Alice’s death and her desire to hide her darker secret from her young daughter. As a result, viewers are treated with an unreliable series of events where reality meshes with Sarah’s imagination to the point where it is almost impossible to ascertain the difference. One sequence depicts Sarah hallucinating a young Alice and fighting with her, leading to a recreation of the events leading up to Alice’s death. It is implied that a similar chain of events occurred during which Sarah might have killed Mia, believing her daughter was Alice. However, we see Mia escaping from Sarah shortly after the latter’s hallucination-induced fight with Alice.

In the end, Sarah is forced to admit she is a monster in front of Mia. As a result, Sarah has forever scarred her daughter. Thus, the thought of a mother having to endure her daughter thinking of her as a monster is a far more horrifying scenario than any the movie explores until this point in the story. As a result, the final scene, which sees Mia walking to the cliff’s edge, is likely a part of Sarah’s imagination. Mia is likely not dead, but her relationship with Sarah is forever changed. Hence, the feeling of dread manifests within Sarah as an imaginary scenario where she sees Alice and Mia together walking to the cliff, indicating Sarah’s fear of hurting her daughter has come true, albeit the hurt caused is more psychological than physical.

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