Did T.K. and Carlos Break Up in 9-1-1: Lone Star? Will They Get Together Again?

The third season of the action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ begins with several startling incidents concerning the former crew of Station 126. While Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) and his former subordinates deal with the unforeseen turn of events that question their professional future ahead, we see T.K. and Carlos at crossroads, dealing with their personal lives. As one of the most endearing storylines in the series, T.K. and Carlos’ togetherness has conquered the fans over the two seasons. However, the tension between the two in the third season premiere makes us wonder about the state of their adorable relationship. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Did T.K. and Carlos Break Up?

Yes, T.K. and Carlos do break up. In the first episode of ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ season 3, it is revealed that the couple has ended their relationship without divulging the reason behind the decision. Even though Nancy tries her best to find out the reason from T.K., she can only extract silence from her colleague. In a heart-rending scene, T.K. and Carlos encounter each other during their duty, only for the evident tension between them to get further disclosed.

According to showrunner Tim Minear, the distressing development concerning T.K. and Carlos is a plot devise to move their story forward. “This is a way for the fans to get to see them [T.K. and Carlos] on-screen together and for me to tell a dramatic story with these two characters. I know a lot of fans when it comes to the ships that they love, they’d much rather see them having a beautiful dinner together, but that’s not a story that I can write. ‘Pass the salt,’ is not a story that I can write,” he said to ET Online.

Although the developments that separate the charming couple are unknown, Minear promised that the questions will be answered soon. Thus, we can hope that as the third season progresses, the smoke that looms over their ambiguous separation will get cleared.

Will T.K. and Carlos Get Together?

Yes, T.K. and Carlos will get together. In the same interview given to ET Online, Minear promised the viewers that their relationship hasn’t seen the permanent end. He also added that their reunion will be “a really riveting story.” For the showrunner, the separation of the paramedic and police officer is a way for the show to explore Carlos’ character more. “I was very interested in starting to show Carlos out in the world with his own agency and not as just an adjunct of T.K.,” he said.

The premiere episode of season 3 depicts Carlos’ unflinching commitment to the public in the face of grave danger and we can definitely look forward to seeing his courage and ambitions in the upcoming episodes. “T.K. is part of his [Carlos’] life. But [Carlos] is also a police officer and he comes from his own family and he has his own issues and he has his own ambitions. I wanted to see some of that too. […] I wanted to uncouple them for a second so that I could really service Carlos in some ways. But it certainly doesn’t mean that Tarlos is over,” Minear said to ET Online.

Considering the promise of the showrunner, we can count our days to see the reunion of T.K. and Carlos as the third season progresses. Even though their appealing oneness will be missed further with the episodes to come, it is a relief to know that they will eventually get together.

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