Do Aisha and Grey End Up Together in Fate The Winx Saga?

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Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ is set in a world where there is a clear distinction between the kind of people who use magic. There are fairies, whose magic is natural, and then there are Blood Witches, who take the magic of the fairies for themselves because they don’t have their own. The conflict between the two factions impacts the plot of the first two seasons of the show in a significant manner.

While the differences between the fairies and the Blood Witches have been around for a very long time, the younger generation on both sides is more understanding of varied points of view and doesn’t have the same thoughts on being at war with the other side. The matter becomes more complicated when two people from different sides end up falling for each other but are held back by the prejudices their people have harbored over centuries. It’s a very Romeo and Juliet kind of situation, and Aisha and Grey get entangled in it. If you are wondering what it means for their future and whether they will end up together, here’s what you need to know.

Do Aisha and Grey End Up Together?

Image Credit: Steffan Hill/Netflix

Aisha had been focused entirely on her twenty-year plan of graduating from Alfea and eventually finding her way to becoming the headmistress of the school. She had no intentions of getting caught up in a relationship and distracting herself from her goals, getting trapped in the drama that romance usually brings. Moreover, she never found anyone interesting enough to fall in love with, until she met Grey.

Aisha used to go to the secluded part of Alfea to swim and had been undisturbed for a long while. She didn’t know that Grey had been using that spot to swim too, until one day, their schedules collided. Swimming had always been important to Aisha and to find someone else with a similar interest was an appealing prospect. From here, her feelings for Grey escalated and they ended up being in a relationship.

Grey had never stood out as a troublemaker, which is why it was a shock for Aisha to discover that he was a Blood Witch. He’d been working as a mole for Sebastian. Aisha considered herself a good judge of character, which is why she felt even more betrayed on discovering that Grey had been working against Alfea and the fairies right under her nose, and she never suspected anything. She blames herself for allowing her feelings to cloud her judgment and letting herself fall for Grey. However, there are two sides to a story and we discover Grey’s later.

Grey never wanted to be a bad guy and he was entirely himself in front of Aisha. He tells her that he’d never faked his feelings for her and that whatever he’d done for Sebastian, it wasn’t entirely willing on his part. He’d grown up among the Blood Witches and the people who died in Aster Dell were his family. While Sebastian promised him revenge, all he ever wanted was to live a normal life, something that he got with Aisha. Still, he couldn’t go against his people and the hope that they could be brought back led him to aid Sebastian in his endeavor to open the Realm of Darkness.

When Sebastian is defeated and everything goes back to normal, we find Aisha back at the place where she used to spend time with Grey. She is heartbroken over his betrayal, but despite how angry she feels, she is still in love with him. Like every other blood witch, Grey is banned from Alfea’s grounds after Sebastian is killed. In the end, however, we see him back at his and Aisha’s hang-out spot. When they meet, it looks like they are ready to put behind their past grudges and give their love, even if forbidden, another chance.

It will need a lot from both of them, especially for Aisha, to put aside what happened in Alfea following Sebastian’s attack. Considering that Grey is not allowed to be in Alfea will also cause problems, but for now, it looks like they will be able to get over all these hurdles and find a way to be together.

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