Do Ben and Jessie End up Together in Maggie?

Maggie’ follows the story of a psychic whose life is thrown into shambles when she meets a man, named Ben, who she believes she is supposed to end up with. It seems like the future has already been set for Maggie, but when she sees the man of her dreams marrying someone else in her vision, she decides to end the relationship. Months later, Ben, and his girlfriend, Jessie, become Maggie’s neighbors. Things get complicated as a love triangle develops. By the end of Season 1, it looks like things might not be working out so well for Maggie. Ben and Jessie appear to be together, in love. Does this mean Maggie should give up on her love for Ben? Are Ben and Jessie destined to be together? Here’s what we know.

Do Ben and Jessie Get Married?

Ben and Jessie had a complicated history even before Maggie came into the picture. They’d been together on and off, and this lack of commitment from both of them led everyone to not take them seriously, especially Amy. Knowing that Ben and Maggie had hooked up, Amy wonders why her brother is still with his old flame. She also expresses concern that they might not be together by the time her wedding day arrives, and though not a psychic, her prediction turns out to be true. They break up right before the wedding, and it looks like the end for them.

Despite their fight, we know that Maggie saw Ben and Jessie getting married. Considering that all of her visions have turned out to be true so far, there is little doubt about the fact that there will be a wedding soon. However, things become a little vague after that. In her visions beyond the wedding, Maggie doesn’t see Ben and Jessie together, especially when she has visions of the baby. Her first vision led her to believe that it would be hers and Ben’s child, but after the vision with Jessie in it, she scraps the possibility.

Considering that context has been a weak point for Maggie, there is a possibility that Jessie and Ben might have a wedding but not a marriage. They will certainly come close to standing in front of each other, ready to say their vows, as Maggie saw them. But last-minute interruptions are not a foreign thing for romantic comedies, and Maggie might just get her ‘speak now’ moment. There is an undeniable spark between Ben and Maggie, and even though he is engaged to Jessie at the moment, it doesn’t mean he has lost his feelings for Maggie.

Furthermore, the vision that Maggie has at the end of Season One is that things might not be set in stone after all. Context is necessary while interpreting visions, which becomes clear with every iteration of the vision she has about Ben’s wedding. The first time she sees him with someone, she assumes it’s her. The next time, she clearly sees Jessie, and deicides that she was wrong. In the final one, however, she sees both Jessie and herself.

This confuses her because the two visions merge into each other. It, however, only points toward the fact that Maggie’s visions are not a complete picture of a situation. The things that seem to turn out well might be nearing their end, and the ones that seem to have ended even before they began might only just be starting. So, even though Ben and Jessie are together at the end of Season 1, they are not going to get married eventually.

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