Maggie Ending, Explained: How Does Maggie Get Her Vision Back?

Hulu’s ‘Maggie’ is a romantic comedy with a twist. The lead character has a unique talent, which allows her to see the future. While some might think that the ability to look into the future will make one’s life easier, it actually ends up creating more problems. The show follows Maggie’s struggle at dating when the future of every relationship is clear to her from the beginning. It also focuses on her family and friends, who keep her sane as she tries to understand her powers and decipher what every vision means, especially when it concerns her own fate.

By the time the season ends, Maggie has gone through a lot of emotional upheavals, making her wonder if she really is better off without her powers. Just when she begins to imagine such a life, a vision shakes the foundation of her beliefs. If you are wondering what that confusing ending means for Maggie and her future, we have some answers for you. SPOILERS AHEAD

Maggie Season 1 Recap

Maggie is a psychic who can see people’s futures by touching their hands. At one party, she meets Ben and while reading his future, she sees herself in it. She is shocked but also intrigued because, by far, she hasn’t seen herself in any guy’s life in the long run. But just as things seem to be going right, she has another vision, where she sees that Ben is marrying someone else. Knowing that it is going to end in heartbreak, Maggie decides to end things with Ben. However, the future has a way of catching up with her.

Six weeks later, Ben and his girlfriend, Jessie, move next door to Maggie. Ben doesn’t tell Jessie about his brief fling with Maggie, who also decides to keep it a secret due to her budding friendship with Jessie. While her feelings for Ben keep gnawing at her, Maggie pursues a relationship with Daniel, another man who she thinks she has a possibility of ending up with. But things take a different direction, and they break up.

Meanwhile, Maggie has more visions of her and Ben and the future she saw before breaking up with him. She becomes obsessed with finding out what it all means, so she can know for sure if she’ll get married to Ben in the future. When it starts to create chaos in her life, her mentor, Angel decides to step in. He warns her that digging too deep in the quest of finding the future might not turn out well for her.

Maggie Season 1 Ending: How Does Maggie Get Her Vision Back?

No matter what happened in her life, Maggie always had one thing that she could always rely upon — her visions. She’d had them since seventh grade. They shaped her personality and defined who she was. All the time that she spent with her social life in tatters, she always had her powers to fall back on. It was more than just a hobby for her or even a career. So, when she suddenly stops having them, it is a cause of great distress for her.

Before her visions completely disappear, she is bombarded with them. Instead of having one or two clear visions, she has a bunch of hazy ones and she doesn’t know how to make sense of them. It is a mix-up of a lot of things and before she can even begin to understand what is happening, the visions go away. She discovers later that the loss of her powers could be because her mind is suppressing something very bad that is about to happen. Something she shouldn’t know beforehand.

Soon after, Maggie realizes that her mind was shutting down the part where Jessie discovers about her and Ben. In hindsight, it makes sense why Maggie went through the psychic block during Amy’s bachelorette party. From the moment Ben and Jessie showed up outside her place, Maggie had been feeling guilty. She kept wondering if she should tell Jessie about what happened between her and Ben. But later, she finds it better to not tell her that because she didn’t want to risk losing her friendship and ruining Ben’s relationship for no reason.

Though she ignored it, Maggie couldn’t get the guilt completely out of her mind. Her anxiety only increased as Amy’s bachelorette came closer, which meant that Maggie would have to spend an entire day in close proximity to Jessie. It got even worse when they were put in the same room, and after she had alcohol, the fear that she might say something got to her.

However, once the secret is out, the heaviness leaves her heart. Whatever guilt she felt about being responsible for Ben and Jessie’s break-up disappears when she discovers that they are engaged. Now, she has no more secrets to keep and there is no guilt left for her to be anxious about. This leads her psychic block to disappear and she gets her vision back.

What Does Maggie’s Vision Mean?

Just when it feels like everything has been settled calmly, another storm is conjured for Maggie through a new vision. It comes to her at Amy and Dave’s wedding reception when she is sitting by herself and Ben comes to check on her. He gives her the coin he’d found at an antique shop and tells her that he doesn’t need it anymore. This shows that Ben has made his choice with Jessie, and he doesn’t need to leave anything on chance anymore.

As soon as Maggie touches the coin, she has another vision, where, once again, she sees Ben on his wedding day. Previously, she’d seen Jessie as his bride, but this time, she sees herself as well. She sees herself replaced by Jessie and vice versa. This leaves her utterly confused. If there was any doubt that Ben would marry Jessie, it was washed away because they were engaged now. This should have been a clear indication of the fact that they will certainly get married. So, then, what does Maggie’s latest vision mean?

Maggie saw the vision after she touched the coin, which had been in possession of Ben. The coin must have picked up his energy, his thoughts, and that’s what passed on to Maggie. Perhaps, what she saw wasn’t exactly a vision but a thought. Ben’s thought. Maybe, deep down, he hasn’t yet made up his mind. Maybe he’s still thinking about Maggie and that’s what she saw.

Another possibility is that Maggie’s powers aren’t back completely. Instead of seeing one clear future, she is having visions of its probabilities. She is seeing the two things, one of which is bound to happen, but she doesn’t know which one. While this seems like a downgrade of her powers, it might actually do her some good to remove the certainty factor from her visions. It will give her more freedom to do what she wishes and not abandon things just because she saw they are going to end in the future. The way her life is going, she really does need that.

Another twist in the narrative could be that her vision is telling her to discard something she thought was fundamental to her powers. Maybe it’s telling her that the future is changeable. Maybe it isn’t as set in stone as she believed, and despite her previous experience, perhaps now, she has the power to change to it.

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