Do Bobby and Gus Die in Sweet Tooth? [Spoilers]

Image Credit: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix

Based on the comic book series of the same name by Jeff Lemire, Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a story of hope and perseverance against insurmountable odds. In the world where the story is set, 98% of the human population was wiped out during a catastrophic event known as the Great Crumble. Caused by a pandemic known as the Sick, the Great Crumble coincided with the emergence of human-animal hybrid children, leading many to wonder whether these children caused the pandemic or are the results of it. Bobby and Gus (Christian Convery) are two such hybrids. If you are wondering whether they survive by the end of the second season, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Bobby Survives in Season 2

No, Bobby doesn’t die in the second season of ‘Sweet Tooth.’ Bobby is a human-groundhog hybrid Gus encounters after being captured by the Last Men and brought to the zoo. The place was home to Bobby and several other hybrid children. Watched over by the sole mother figure in their lives, Aimee Eden (Dania Ramirez), these children had a largely sheltered childhood until the First Men raided their home. As of yet, the remaining human doctors haven’t found a cure for the disease. But Dr. Aditya Singh, who has been forced to work for the Last Men, develops a booster shot from the notes left behind by a scientist named Gladys Bell.

The booster shot is the blend of the unique secretions in the Pineal Gland of a living hybrid and hybrid bone marrow stem cells. Known as the “secret sauce,” this serum suppresses all the symptoms of the disease for a month, but they inevitably return after that. This is why Bobby, Gus, and the others are kept in captivity at the zoo. Unlike hybrids such as Gus and Wendy, Bobby is more animal than human. While that gives him incredible digging abilities, he can’t speak fluently like some of the others. However, he still can communicate using simple words.

In season 2, When Aimee and the Sky Lords attack the zoo to rescue her children, Bobby teams up with one of the Sky Lords to steal a tank. They later use it to blow up vehicles blocking the path of the bus carrying his siblings, Gus, Aimee, and Jepp. Along with the others, he arrives at Yellowstone and quickly becomes accustomed to the idyllic life there. Before the Last Men’s attack, Bobby and most of his siblings are taken to the home of the Andersons, the family that Jepp and Gus met in season 1. He returns to the cabin for Aimee’s burial. As the second season ends, he and the others have returned to Anderson’s home, just as Gus, Becky, Wendy, and Jepp embark on a journey to Alaska to find Birdie.

Gus is Not Dead

No, Gus doesn’t die in the second season of ‘Sweet Tooth.’ He begins the season in captivity of Singh and General Abbot. The former puts Gus’ life in danger while trying to find the cure. He places Gus in a room filled with purple flowers that bloom in the proximity of the virus. As the pollen from the flowers has a hallucinogenic effect on the hybrids, Singh hopes that it will put Gus in a hypnotized state, giving him the ability to access forgotten memories. Although it works, and Gus remembers that he was created at the Fort Smith Labs, he has a vision of snow, ice, and a person with a deer skull over their head.

After escaping from the zoo, Gus leads the others to the cabin in Yellowstone, the place he grew up in. However, Abbot finds out where the hybrids have gone and comes to Yellowstone to recapture them. Gus convinces Jepp and Aimee to let him help them as this is his home, and he knows every part of it. They agree, and the combined efforts of the three of them prove too much for the Last Men.

Even though he loses all his soldiers, Abbot manages to get to Gus. But before he can kill the boy, Gus accidentally calls on a herd of buffaloes that fatally injures Abbot. Before dying, Abbot shoots Gus with a crossbow bolt. Even though he remains unconscious for a few days, Gus eventually has a dream of Birdie and wakes up. As the season ends, he sets out to find the woman who created him.

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