Do Camila and Miguel Die in Fake Profile? [Spoiler]

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Netflix’s ‘Fake Profile’ or ‘Perfil Falso’ is a Spanish-language Colombian series that tells the story of Camila Román (Carolina Miranda), a Las Vegas-based exotic dancer who meets handsome Fernando Castell on a dating app. Fernando claims that he is a plastic surgeon from Cartagena, Colombia, and it doesn’t take long for Camila to fall in love with him. However, when she decides to visit him in Colombia, she discovers that while there is indeed a plastic surgeon named Fernando Castell in Cartagena, he is definitely not the man she knows. That man is actually Miguel Estévez (Rodolfo Salas), who is married with two children.

Moreover, Miguel works for his father-in-law’s company and lives in a gated community built by the said company. Camila subsequently moves into the house next door to Miguel with the apparent intention of stopping him from hurting other girls. If you are wondering whether Camila and Miguel die by the end of the first season of ‘Fake Profile,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Camila Doesn’t Die

No, Camila doesn’t die in the first season of ‘Fake Profile.’ After overcoming her apparent surprise by the big revelations about Miguel, she convinces David, a taxi driver she met after landing in Colombia, to pretend he is her husband. David reluctantly agrees though he seldom spends the night at the property as he has a grandmother to care for. In episode 3, not particularly long after she moves in, Camila sleeps with Miguel, disregarding that he has a wife and children. Unbeknownst to her and Miguel, the latter’s son Lucas watches the entire incident on surveillance devices and later informs his mother and grandfather about his father’s infidelity.

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Camila gets attacked in her home in David’s absence and is subsequently taken to the hospital. It is later revealed that Lucas attacked Camila after breaking into her home to fix the devices, leaving her unconscious and bleeding on the floor. In episode 7, Camila is abducted by her abusive former boyfriend, Vicente, who tries to take her back to Vegas. Eventually, David and Miguel rescue Camila with the help of the police. She later visits the police station after Vicente promises to confess to everything if he gets to speak to her for a few minutes. During this tense encounter, it is revealed that Tina, a close associate of Miguel’s father-in-law Pedro, visited Camila in Vegas and told her the truth about Miguel.

Toward the end of the penultimate episode, Camila visits Miguel’s wife, Ángela, to tell her that Pedro is behind everything that has happened to her family. But Ángela refuses to listen and tries to drown Camila in the pool. The noise of their scuffle wakes Miguel up. He finds Ángela sitting in the corner, and Camila is apparently dead. On Ángela’s demand, he goes to get rid of the body. But it is later revealed that Camila was alive all along, and Miguel knew about it. She hid in a remote property belonging to Pedro. Tina found her, but she succeeded in escaping. In the climactic scene, Camila returns along with Miguel and tries to convince Ángela that Cris, her brother’s former fiancé, is her and Adrian’s half-brother. Camila and Miguel fall from a first-floor window when Ángela starts shooting but survive, fully recovering. The season ends with Camila resuming her career as an exotic dancer.

Miguel is Alive

Miguel doesn’t die in the first season of ‘Fake Profile.’ His life starts to fall apart after Camila moves into the house next door. Lucas discovers what his father has been up to and grows increasingly resentful. Meanwhile, Camila deduces that she can’t be the first person with whom Miguel had an affair and finds his previous mistress. As the series progresses, Miguel starts to realize that Pedro wants to cut him out of the family. But he seems to have a self-destructive tendency and keeps making the job easy for his father-in-law. Eventually, Ángela tells him that she wants a divorce.

Image Credit: Gustavo Cabrera/Netflix

After Miguel supposedly gets rid of Camila’s body, his relationship with Ángela seems to be on the mend. But then, he finds out that Ángela has regular sessions with an escort named Inti, who is also a romantic interest of her brother. The two start arguing while they are in a car and cause it to crash. Ángela gets out of the vehicle just before it catches fire, but she seems to leave her husband behind to be burned alive. Miguel’s body isn’t found, and he returns with Camila in the climactic scene.

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