Do Chimney and Maddie Get Married in 9-1-1?

After several emotional rollercoasters, Howard “Chimney” Han and Maddie Buckley settle as a couple in the sixth season of FOX’s action series9-1-1.’ They recover from the conflicts that arise after Maddie disappears from Chimney and their daughter Jee-Yun’s lives. After buying a new house, they reconnect with their families as well. As their relationship gets strengthened, Chimney decides to take the same into the next stage, leading him to consider proposing to Maddie. Although the firefighter’s plans do not materialize as he wants, the seventeenth episode of the season ends with a captivating development that makes the viewers wonder about their marital union. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Maddie’s Surprise Proposal to Chimney

After moving into their new home, Chimney and Maddie start to cherish the goodness of a family, which gets threatened by an inquiry by the IRS. When they consult an accountant to deal with the same, he recommends marriage to the couple to avoid complications while paying taxes. Chimney considers the same as a sign and buys an engagement ring, only for Jee-Yun to take it without her father knowing. Chimney and his colleagues at Station 118 search for the ring but fails to find it at the fire station. Jee-Yun, meanwhile, takes the ring to her room and places the same in her doll house.

While Chimney considers the missing ring a sign to not move forward with his proposal, Maddie finds the same at her daughter’s doll house. In the seventeenth episode of the sixth season, Maddie realizes how much her partner loves her upon coming across the wedding ring he bought for her. When she realizes that Chimney is scared about her reaction and other possible consequences of proposing to her, Maddie takes matters into her own hands. She proposes to Chimney rather than waiting for him to pop the question, only for him to reply yes. They celebrate their engagement with their beloved Jee-Yun.

According to showrunner Kirsten Reidel, Chimney and Maddie’s engagement is what they deserve after going through a hard phase of their lives together. “After everything they have been through, we knew that this season we wanted to get Maddie and Chimney back together and let them have some fun and rebuild that relationship. At some point, the question of marriage was going to come up and we thought, ‘What if we could bring up the idea and take them both by surprise?'” the showrunner told EW. Reidel also acknowledged that “there’s just something about seeing these two people [Chimney and Maddie] together that makes you love them and want to root for them.”

Does that mean Chimney and Maddie will get married without any conflicts? Considering the ‘9-1-1’ style, maybe not. As far as their relationship is concerned, Chimney and Maddie are better than ever. They have moved past the consequences of Maddie’s postpartum depression, which helps them regain the family they have built together. After buying a new home to live in as a family, the couple’s next obvious step is marriage. However, both Chimney and Maddie are scared of making any major life decisions. As they start preparing for their wedding, fears may conquer their senses. The fate of their marital union depends upon the way they choose to handle the predicament.

If Maddie’s fears associated with marriage make her run away from Chimney once again, it may severely hurt their togetherness. As their possible wedding day gets nearer, Maddie may deal with the traumas caused by her first husband Doug Kendall. If she doesn’t succeed in moving past the same, her marriage with Chimney may get threatened. Having said that, Maddie may seek the help of Hen and Athena to deal with her potential troubles. Learning about their marital experiences may make Maddie trust her partner and the institution of marriage. If that’s the case, we can expect the couple to get married.

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