Do Colleen and Matt From Love is Blind Get Married? Theories

With complex emotions, deep vulnerability, sheer drama, as well as unparalleled romance being at the front and center, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is genuinely a reality dating series unlike any other. That’s because it lives up to its title in every way imaginable by revolving around a group of hopeful singles as they meet, mingle, and get engaged — all without ever setting eyes on one another. Among them in season 3 were actually ballet dancer Colleen Reed and private charter executive Matt Bolton — so now, if you wish to learn more about them, we’ve got every detail for you.

Colleen and Matt’s Love is Blind Journey

Although the then 25-year-old Colleen’s initial couple of conversations with 27-year-old Matt were admittedly engaging, she only gravitated towards Brennon Lemieux and Cole Barnett at first. After all, she believed their similar senses of humor as well as energetic personalities would make them suitable matches, yet it didn’t work out since they both rejected her just a short while later. While the former had fallen in love with Alexa Alfia, the latter truly desired a life partner who’d not just match his banter but also go much beyond the surface level, which he found in Zanab Jaffrey.

This was when the bubbly dancer decided to pursue a possible connection with Matt, especially because she had this gut feeling that “there’s something there. Like, I know there’s something there.” Therefore, the fact their first proper conversation went from her opening up regarding her fear of being vulnerable in case she gets hurt to him sharing his viewpoint on the same and positivity was significant. He, in his Matthew McConaughey-like drawl, then even admitted he’s divorced — his high school sweetheart had cheated and gotten pregnant from the infidelity — which pushed this duo closer.

“With Colleen,” Matt soon expressed in a confessional, “I don’t know what it is, but it’s natural. I’ve opened up more to her than I have to anybody in the last ten years.” On the other hand, she stated, “With Matt…, I’m just so happy. And I’m so shocked that I’m feeling this way… In less than a week, I’m waking up smiling about him. I’m just so up in the clouds.” The fact their intentions, core beliefs, values, and future familial expectations also aligned thus drove them to admit they’d indeed fallen in love. So, of course, when Matt finally got down on one knee to propose, she emotionally yet happily said yes!

Do Colleen and Matt Get Married?

If we’re being honest, Colleen and Matt’s first meeting, as well as the extremely cozy initial few days of their Malibu getaway, is a perfect example of the honeymoon phase. They were affectionate, they were romantic, they were physical, and they were utterly devoted to one another, making it appear as if nothing and no one could ever come between them. However, since real life is not always sunshine and roses, they probably would have to deal with their natural problems at one point or the other, which, as they implied in the pods themselves, were her insecurity and his major trust issues.

With that said, though, every couple faces such hardships, and the fact Colleen and Matt developed an emotional bond first could make all the difference in the world by helping them work through everything. But while we are hopelessly optimistic, we do need to mention that their online platforms make it seem like they aren’t even really in touch anymore. Not only is there an evident lack of their union on their respective social media feeds, but they don’t even follow one another as of writing. This could just be because of ‘Love is Blind,’ yet it’s still not a good sign — hence, we don’t think the couple said “I do” at the altar.

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