Do Eli and Auden End Up Together at the End of Along for the Ride?

Image Credit: Emily V. Aragones/Netflix

Netflix’s romantic movie ‘Along for the Ride’ revolves around Auden, who arrives in the seaside town of Colby to spend time with her father Robert before joining university. Auden aspires to become a new person in front of people who aren’t aware of her past life. She inadvertently meets a boy named Eli, who befriends her quickly. The two of them start to meet almost every night, only to eventually share a romantic bond. Their feelings for each other face several challenges, making one intrigued about their fate. So, do they end up together? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens Between Eli and Auden?

Eli and Auden first meet by the beach. Even though they are regulars at a specific spot, they refrain from talking to one another until a day when Eli startles Auden. To make it up to her, he takes her to a secret pie shop. They spend the night together at the shop, eating pies and talking about their lives. Eli proposes “a quest” to Auden for her to do things she hasn’t done in her life, and they start with playing mini-golf. Meanwhile, Auden talks about how obsessed he is with bikes as a pro-BMX rider.

Image Credit: Emily V. Aragones/Netflix

From her colleague Maggie, Auden comes to know that Eli’s friend Abe died in a car accident, which made Eli stop competing in BMX competitions. Eli and Auden get closer as they start to talk about their life in detail. Realizing Auden’s interest in Eli, the former’s colleagues motivate her to invite him to a hotdog party. He comes to the party, surprising everyone, and spends time with Auden. The two of them end up sharing kisses by the end of the party, solidifying their feelings for each other.

At the same time, her father Robert’s selfish behavior towards her and Heidi unsettles Auden. She takes her anger out on Eli when he comes to meet her. Auden misapprehends that Eli is trying to humiliate her by trying to teach her how to ride a bike — something her father should have done in her childhood. Infuriated, she hurts him by saying that he is using her as a distraction from the thoughts and memories of Abe. The attachment they gradually build gets damaged when Eli tells her that she can never be another Abe.

Along for the Ride Ending: Do Eli and Auden End Up Together?

Yes, Eli and Auden do end up together. Although Auden gets angry at Eli unreasonably, her words teach him that it is high time for him to move on from Abe’s death and absence for the sake of his life ahead. Inspired by Auden, he competes again as a BMX rider, surprising everyone. Auden, content to see Eli getting back to his normal self, apologizes for saying hurtful words. They clear the air between them through an honest conversation. Eli even admits to her that whatever she has said about Abe, in a way, is true.

Image Credit: Emily V. Aragones/Netflix

For helping to move on from Abe, Eli decides to throw a surprise prom party for Auden by the beach. Eli knows that Auden didn’t go to her prom because her date stood her up. He wants to replace that memory with a day filled with joy and contentment. After planning with Auden’s colleagues, Eli asks her to wear her prom dress for a surprise upon meeting her, dressed in a tuxedo. Before she starts her university life, he gives her a day to hold closer to her heart. The day also brings them closer than ever and they end up together as a couple.

Eli and Auden influence each other for both of them to get better. Due to Auden, Eli succeeds in reviving his life as a BMX rider after getting past the haunting memories of Abe. She makes him realize that there’s a life to be lived after the tragedy he had to suffer. On the other hand, Eli’s presence liberates Auden. He makes her understand that irrespective of whatever she has missed growing up, life hasn’t reached an end to never experience it. With Eli, she experiences moments of happiness and acknowledgment she didn’t experience before due to the troubled marriage of her father and mother. Such a compatible bond eventually brings them together.

Even after deciding to be in a relationship, Eli and Auden choose to give enough space for their partner to pursue their aspirations. Eli leaves for Barcelona to set up a bike shop as he always wanted. Auden joins university with Maggie to pursue her higher education. Abe’s death and Robert and Victoria’s divorce have limited the life of Eli and Auden respectively. After moving on from the same with the help of the other, they want to not end up limiting their lives in the name of their relationship. Thus, they opt for a long-distance relationship despite the hardships that are part of it.

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