Do Elliott and Lilly End Up Together at the End of A Beautiful Life?

Netflix’s ‘A Beautiful Life’ is a musical movie that follows Elliott, a young man who works as a fisherman but holds an extraordinary singing talent. When Suzanne, a high-profile music manager, recognizes Elliott’s talent, he is set on the road to stardom. In the process, Elliott forms a romantic relationship with Suzanne’s estranged daughter, Lilly. However, things quickly sour between the couple because of Elliott’s rise to fame. Hence, viewers must be wondering whether Elliott and Lilly end up together at the end of ‘A Beautiful Life.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Elliott and Lilly Have a Falling Out

Elliott is a fisherman who works at the local bay in a small Denmark town. He lost his parents to the sea during the storm and has since been scared of forming meaningful connections with anyone. However, Elliott is a gifted singer and songwriter. His talent is noticed by music manager Suzanne Taylor when Elliott performs with his friend, Oliver, at her birthday party. Elliott is invited to work with Suzanne’s daughter, Lilly, a music producer. However, Lilly is at odds with her mother because of her father’s death from drug overuse. Lilly and Elliott quickly make a good team and become friends. Lilly helps Elliott overcome his fears and encourages him to sing for a cause.

Soon, Lilly and Elliott develop feelings for each other. One night, they visit Elliott’s boat and share stories about their past. Later, Lilly and Elliott start a romantic relationship. Moreover, their work together strengthens their relationship. However, the return of Elliott’s ungrateful friend, Oliver, causes trouble in their relationship. Elliott tries to get Oliver a song in his upcoming album, but things go badly. It leads to creative differences and disagreements between Elliott and Suzanne, who step in to give Elliott a reality check when Lilly fails to curb the situation. However, as Elliott storms off, Lilly reveals she is pregnant, but Elliott refuses to acknowledge the baby and leaves without reacting.

Elliott Wins Over Lilly

Elliott’s lack of reaction to the news of her pregnancy leaves Lilly heartbroken. Moreover, Elliott struggles to deal with his newfound stardom and wants to leave everything behind. However, Suzanne encourages him to carry on. On the other hand, Lilly abandons her role as Elliott’s producer and moves to London. Her work with Elliott helps Lilly get a new job, and several famous artists wish to work with her. However, a conversation with Patrick helps Elliott realize the value of his gift and the family he has built through music. During the movie’s climax, Elliott is in London to sing on a music reality show that could propel him to international stardom. Lilly is also in attendance during his performance.

Before Elliott starts performing, he remembers Lilly’s advice about dedicating his songs and music to someone. When Elliott is asked whether someone special is in his life, he names his fans as the most special aspect of his life. However, when Elliott performs his fan-favorite song, he changes some of the lyrics to address his situation with Lilly. The song serves as an apology to Lilly and also expresses Elliott’s excitement over their future together. As a result, Elliott not only wins over the fans but also successfully reconciles with Lilly, who is seen smiling at his performance. Thus, while we do not see Elliott and Lilly in one frame, it is safe to say that they end up together and will raise the baby together.

Ultimately, the film ends on a heartfelt note, with Elliott succeeding in treading the line between maintaining his stardom and personal life. As Elliott’s personal life takes precedence with the return of Oliver, he becomes scared again of losing the people he cares about. However, during the climax, Patrick reminds Elliott that he, Suzanne, and Lilly are also Elliott’s family. Elliott’s brief separation from Lilly stems from his fear of losing his friend until he realizes he is about to lose the love of his life. Nonetheless, Elliott quickly rectifies his mistake and manages to win over Lilly with a touching song inspired by her and dedicated to their beautiful future together.

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