Do Faraday and Justin End Up Together in The Man Who Fell to Earth?

‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ centers around an alien from the dying planet Antheon. Summoned to Earth by a fellow alien in order to work on a plan to save their homeworld, Faraday (as the titular character is called) is faced with the seemingly bizarre ways in which humanity functions. The differences between the aliens and humans are further highlighted when Faraday learns that the only person that can help him is a human named Justin Falls.

The unsuspecting Justin’s life is thrown into chaos when she is approached by Faraday. Their relationship is tumultuous, to say the least, but Faraday also saves Justin’s father’s life. The season 1 finale shows an especially surprising interaction between Faraday and Justin when the two share a brief kiss! What is that about? Do the two end up together? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Faraday and Justin End Up Together?

Faraday and Justin form the central dynamic of the show’s narrative and essentially serve as a metaphor for the dynamic between humans and aliens. When the two first encounter each other, things don’t look very promising. Justin is repeatedly shocked by Faraday’s strange behavior while the latter has a tough time understanding Justin. However, the two quickly develop a mutual appreciation for each other’s intelligence. At one point, it seems like Justin and Faraday signify the smartest human and smartest alien, which is made all the more fitting since the two are essentially trying to save their respective planets.

Image Credit: Aimee Spinks/Showtime

Justin has a young daughter named Molly but her husband is conspicuously missing. About halfway through the season, we learn that he was killed in one of Justin’s experiments, causing her unthinkable anguish. Faraday, on the other hand, has left his family behind on the dying planet Antheon and doesn’t know if he will ever see them again. What makes his kiss with Justin so surprising is that until now, Faraday has seemed single-mindedly focused on his family.

It appears that Faraday develops romantic feelings for Justin as part of his slow conversion into a human-alien hybrid. The more time he spends on Earth, the more Faraday is able to understand seemingly mysterious human emotions. In the season finale, he reveals that Justin showed him love by helping him when they first met (in episode 1) even though she didn’t need to. Similarly, Justin also seems to realize that Faraday’s intentions are pure and that he genuinely cares for her and her family.

Though they only share a brief kiss, it appears that there is now a strong bond between Faraday and Justin. This is signified by the former saying to the latter “It has always been you” soon after they kiss. Thus, under different circumstances, the two could actually end up together. However, as they are left at the end of season 1, it seems highly unlikely that Faraday and Justin do end up together. This is because the two are not even on the same planet anymore!

Season 1 closes with Faraday flying off to save Antheon while Justin waits for him back on Earth. Of course, if Faraday does make it back to Earth alive, he and Justin could get together. However, there would then be the added complication of Faraday’s family from Antheon also being present and it seems unlikely that he would just abandon them in favor of Justin.

Interestingly, getting together with Justin could signal that Faraday’s family has already perished. In case he reaches Antheon and realizes his wife and child are dead, it would then make logical sense for the alien to return to Earth and be with Justin. This would also not be the first human-alien relationship as it is hinted multiple times that Newton, who is also an alien, had a romantic relationship with a nun called Mary Lou.

Ultimately, it seems highly unlikely that Faraday and Justin will end up together. However, the love slowly blossoming between them could symbolize a coming together of humans and the aliens from Antheon. Earlier, the relationship was symbolized by the enmity and hatred Newton had for humans because he was tortured by the CIA. Now, with the connection between Faraday and Justin, humans and aliens seem to have a symbolic chance of getting along.

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