Who is Newton in The Man Who Fell to Earth? Is He Human or Alien?

Image Credit: Aimee Spinks/Showtime

The Man Who Fell to Earth‘ follows the story of a lone alien who arrives on our planet with a mission to save his homeworld. Taking a humanoid form and going by the name Faraday, the alien makes his bewildered way through modern human society, fixated on his “mission.” However, it is soon revealed that Faraday is not alone, and there are some who know about his presence on Earth.

Out of all the mysterious occurrences in the opening episodes, one of the most intriguing aspects is a character called Newton. In episode 1, Faraday meets Newton after walking into a tornado! So what is this strange, black-hat-sporting character’s deal? Let’s take a closer look at Newton from ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Newton?

Newton is an older man who is often seen sporting dark glasses and a hat. Dressed like a slightly exaggerated vintage secret agent, Newton is actually a highly advanced being. For one, he seems to be the one giving Faraday instructions that the latter faithfully follows. Secondly, Newton mentions that he will make the public view Faraday as a god, meaning he has access to some significant powers.

However, Newton’s allegiance and motives remain mysterious. Faraday thinks that the mission’s goal is to somehow save his dying planet from a horrific drought. Newton seems more concerned with earthly matters and directs his alien underling to head to Seattle, to the offices of a tech company called Origin. It appears that Origin belonged to Newton at one point and was then taken away from him. Thus, in his bitter rant, the man in the black hat reveals that he plans to regain control of his former company. How this will help Faraday’s home planet remains to be seen. For now, Newton seems to be in a mysterious realm and in control of Faraday.

Is Newton Human or Alien?

In episode 2, it is revealed that Newton is an alien. However, he seems to have picked up many human habits, including vices like smoking. Newton also seems to have become very involved with some very earthly matters. Having created a tech company called Origin and lost control of it, he now wants to get it back.

According to Faraday, his home planet, Antheon, has two kinds of beings — adepts and drones. The former is responsible for making plans which the latter then carries out. From snatches in their conversation, it appears that Newton is an adept, and Faraday is his drone. Newton seems to have arrived on Earth about forty-five years ago on a mission to procure water for their home planet but then doesn’t return. Because of that, he is now a pariah on Antheon.

Ultimately, Newton is an alien who seems to have become heavily humanized. He has picked up human habits, vices, and a bitter, scheming nature that is all too familiar to earthlings. This human persona of Newton seemingly confuses Faraday, who finds it hard to understand why he would abandon his planet and not return. However, Newton is still very much an adept since he continues to make plans that Faraday dutifully carries out. At one point, he even refers to Faraday as his most gifted drone, which is why our hero is summoned. Thus, it is actually at Newton’s command that Faraday has arrived on Earth.

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