Do Felix and Pilar End Up Together in Love, Victor?

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The second season of Hulu’s teen show ‘Love, Victor’ ends with Felix Westen choosing to be in a relationship with his best friend Victor Salazar’s sister Pilar Salazar rather than be with Lake Meriwether. The third season of the show depicts the highs and lows in their relationship as they continue to build the same while hiding it from Pilar’s parents Armando and Isabel Salazar. When Armando and Isabel come to know about their daughter’s relationship, tensions start to arise which ends with Pilar breaking up with Felix. So, do Felix and Pilar stay separated or end up together? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Felix and Pilar End Up Together?

Yes, Felix and Pilar end up together in ‘Love, Victor.’ When Isabel finds birth control pills in Pilar’s room, she informs Armando and the two of them ask their daughter and Felix to stay away from each other. Pilar, who had to endure her father’s over-protective actions several times, asks Felix to continue seeing each other irrespective of her parents’ decision. However, Felix doesn’t want to disobey Isabel and Armando and informs his girlfriend that it will be better to wait for a while before seeing each other.

Image Credit: Mike Taing/Hulu

Although Pilar clarifies the confusion regarding the birth control pills with Armando and Isabel, she breaks up with Felix for not standing up for her. Felix accepts Pilar’s decision and stays away from her. He gets closer to Lake again as she seeks comfort in him after breaking up with Lucy. Felix even considers reuniting with Lake but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that he still loves Pilar. He goes to see her at the carnival. Rather than asking her to take him back, he apologizes for not standing up for her.

Felix thinks that Pilar deserves a boyfriend who will support her irrespective of what her parents say or demand. He knows that he cannot be that person since he is too attached to Armando and Isabel. As someone who didn’t have many friends or family members to take care of him, Felix knows the value of a family. He considers Armando and Isabel as a father and mother and not just as the parents of his best friend and girlfriend. Disobeying them is too hard for Felix after experiencing their affection and warmth towards him. Felix considers his inability to oppose them as a vulnerability that shouldn’t be an attribute of Pilar’s boyfriend.

Image Credit: Mike Taing/Hulu

Even though Felix is ready to walk away from Pilar’s life after apologizing to her, she doesn’t allow him to do it. She realizes how much he loves her as he walks away from Lake multiple times to be with her. Pilar doesn’t want to lose someone like Felix, who is kind and considerate. She also doesn’t want to hold his affection towards her parents against him to stay separated from him. Pilar knows how much she and her family means to Felix. As she gets closer to Armando and Isabel, she realizes that she wants Felix to be a part of her family as her boyfriend.

As the Salazars take a family photograph, Pilar includes him in the same, indicating that she is welcoming him back into her life and family. Despite the tensions they endure, Felix and Pilar succeed in ending up together.

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