Do Lake and Lucy End Up Together in Love, Victor? Is Lucy Moving to Portland?

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Lake Meriwether and Lucy’s encounter during Harold Brooks and Veronica’s wedding in Hulu’s teen show ‘Love, Victor’ brings them closer. Even though Lake takes some time to process her feelings toward Lucy, they both eventually get together. Lucy’s arrival in Lake’s life as a girlfriend helps the latter to cope with her break-up with Felix Westen as well. As their relationship progresses without any significant obstacles, Lucy reveals her post-school plans to Lake, only for her to get startled. Lake tries to “live in the moment” and enjoy Lucy’s presence for the time being but she fails. So, what happens to Lake and Lucy? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Lake and Lucy End Up Together? Is Lucy Moving to Portland?

Yes, Lake and Lucy do end up together. The beginning phase of Lake and Lucy’s relationship is nothing but incredible. Even when Lake fails to deal with Felix’s presence, Lucy teams up with Pilar Salazar to help her girlfriend to get closure in her previous relationship. Soon, they take their relationship to the next step by sharing physical intimacy. However, Lucy’s revelation that she is planning to graduate early in spring and move to Portland, Oregon, affects their togetherness severely. Lake starts to worry about the future and realizes that their relationship cannot sustain the distance between Portland and Atlanta.

Image Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu

Lake’s realization soon leads her and Lucy to their break-up. Lucy is desperate to leave Creekwood High and Shady Creek since the school and town are reminders of her gloomy childhood. Ever since her mother’s death, when she was just nine years old, living in the town becomes unbearable for her. Even after becoming a sophomore student, Lucy has not overcome the absence of her mother. She longs for a fresh start in another city far away from her mother’s memories and Shady Creek. Since she has a cousin in Portland to initially support her, the city becomes her choice.

Lucy initially believes that her relationship with Lake cannot make her stay in a town she has been hating since the age of nine. She has worked hard to increase her savings and accumulate the required credits to graduate early so that she can move to the other side of the country. When her plans become a deal-breaker, Lucy still chooses to move away from Lake and Shady Creek, however, not for long. After breaking up with Lake, Shady Creek becomes a different town for Lucy. The sites in the town that has made her think of her dead mother start to make her think of Lake.

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Lucy eventually realizes that her relationship with Lake is the way to overcome the sadness of her mother’s death rather than moving to Portland. When Lake offers her mother Georgina Meriwether’s personal apartment to Lucy to stop the latter from moving to Portland, Lucy informs her girlfriend that Shady Creek is not the same repulsive town that reminds her of her gloom anymore. Thus, she decides against moving to Portland, which leads to her reunion with Lake. Using her love, Lake heals an unhealed wound in Lucy’s mind, which makes the latter stay with Lake than run away to Portland.

In Lucy’s case, love wins over her childhood trauma. She finds a haven in Lake when her surroundings kept on immersing her in the absence of her mother. She gains the fresh start she has been longing for years, through a life with Lake and not by moving to Portland.

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