Do May and Darius End Up Together in 9-1-1? Theories

The eighth episode of FOX’s action series9-1-1’ depicts the return of May Grant to her family after re-joining USC. She expresses her happiness of having a contented life with her mother, Athena Grant-Nash, and step-father Robert “Bobby” Nash. As Athena and Bobby cherish the visit of their daughter, Darius appears, increasing the joy of the occasion. May and Darius explain that the latter is considering moving to Los Angeles from Stanford so that he can join the former at USC. As Athena and Bobby get surprised to see their affectionate bond, the viewers must be wondering whether they will end up together. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

May and Darius: A Love Story Unfolds

May and Darius’ togetherness has a long history. Darius was May’s prom date and a constant presence in the Grant family before he left for Stanford. Although their relationship gets challenged when he leaves for Stanford, his return to Los Angeles, specifically to join May at USC, is an indication of the strength of their togetherness. Considering that Darius is willing to change his plans to spend a significant period of his life with May, their companionship most likely will not be short-lived. Even when May doubts whether Darius is making the right choice, he assures her that he is.

In the eighth episode of the sixth season, May lets Darius know that she would understand if he wants to reconsider his decision to move to Los Angeles to be with her. Darius, without even thinking about it once, replies that there’s no place he’d rather be, ensuring May that being with her is the only thing he cares about. In the same episode, May rescues him from his temporary roommate Erik, who nearly kills him. After the near-death experience, Darius seeks comfort in May, making it clear that she has become his safe space. Since the episode ends with both of them expressing their wish to be together with the other, May and Darius are expected to remain together.

May rejoin USC after working as a 9-1-1 operator for a considerable period. As she tries to overcome the traumas of her days as an operator, Darius is expected to become her support system. “I think it was a step in the right direction to have May go to college and act her age. She went through a lot of traumatizing things and heard a lot of traumatizing situations while being a dispatcher,” Corinne Massiah told TV Insider about her character. “She has so much life ahead of her. […] It’s refreshing to have her worries only be going to class instead of saving someone’s life,” the actress added.

As Massiah pointed out, May had to go through several rough experiences before re-joining USC. As she starts a new chapter of her life, she needs a companion who can make her feel more relaxed. Darius, with his pleasant nature, is the perfect one for the job. He is understanding enough to listen to May’s concerns and assure her that she is not fighting anything alone. Thus, in the upcoming episodes, we can expect May and Darius to strengthen their bond and explore the nuances of the romantic relationship. Although they aren’t old enough to promise each other that they will remain together forever, they are mature enough to deal with the challenges that will arise in a relationship.

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