Do Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san End Up Together in All of Us Are Dead?

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Nam On-jo (Ji-hu Park) and Lee Cheong-san (Chan-Young Yoon) are two of the four main characters of ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ They have been each other’s best friends since they were children, and that relationship hasn’t changed much over the years. They still spend most of the time together, pranking and bickering with each other. Their friends have a misconception that they are dating. When it is brought up, both of them vehemently deny that they have feelings for one another. But as the series reveals, that’s not necessarily true. If you are wondering whether Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san end up together in ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san End Up Together?

No, Nam On-jo and Lee Cheong-san don’t end up together in ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ Initially in the series, On-jo is romantically interested in Lee Su-hyeok (Park Solomon), the erstwhile bad boy of the school and one of Cheong-san’s closest friends. She even proposes to him by giving him her nametag. Unbeknownst to her, Su-hyeok has feelings for Choi Nam-ra (Yi-Hyun Cho), their introvert and distant class president.

Like most other students in their class, Su-hyeok assumed that there was something between Cheong-san and On-jo. So he couldn’t have been more surprised when On-jo proposed to him. When he tries to speak to Cheong-san about it, the latter seems nonchalant. But as he confesses to On-jo later, he has been in love with her since they were both young.

Image Credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

As the unprecedented crisis unfolds around them, On-jo and Cheong-san find comfort in each other’s company. Both lose their respective best friends. Later, Cheong-san discovers that his mother has been turned into a zombie after coming to rescue him from school. On-jo’s father, a firefighter, sacrifices his life to protect On-jo and the others. In the penultimate episode, Cheong-san gets bitten by Yoon Gwi-nam, a halfbie who is neither a human nor a zombie. Realizing that his fate is sealed, he volunteers to draw the zombies away so his friends can escape and find a place where they can be safe from the bombings.

This seems to be the last time these two characters see each other. Before they part ways, they give one another their nametag, basically confirming that their feelings are mutual. After the bombings are done, Cheong-san is shown to be inside a ditch along with other dead zombies. On-jo’s nametag can be seen a short distance away from his hand. This scene heavily implies that Cheong-san is dead, which is probably true. However, given the show’s history with misdirection, a remote possibility remains that Cheong-san is still very much alive and may appear in future seasons. The love story between the two childhood friends ends abruptly. Because of Cheong-san’s immense sacrifice, On-jo and the others are able to get to safety.

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