Do Priya and Nick Get Married in Wedding Season?

While Asha Maurya (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravishankar Shah (Suraj Sharma) are the protagonists of ‘Wedding Season,’ an important, My Big Fat Greek Wedding-esque subplot revolves around Asha’s sister Priya (Ari Afsar) and her boyfriend Nick, (Sean Kleier). At the start of the film, they are already engaged and slated to get married in the upcoming wedding season. Nick is white, making his and Priya’s relationship interracial. This brings a unique set of challenges for both of them. In many ways, Priya and Nick’s relationship is an anti-thesis to that of Asha and Ravi. If you are wondering whether they get married, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Priya and Nick Marry?

As a film, ‘Wedding Season’ is a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of the Indian American community in New Jersey. Every scene of the film is brimming with a kaleidoscope of colors. It celebrates the lives that the Indian immigrants have made for themselves in their adoptive home. When Bollywood or any other Indian film industry makes a film about Indians abroad, they often tend to focus on its characters’ yearning for the homeland. ‘Wedding Season,’ on the other hand, showcases the balance the immigrants seek between tradition and assimilation.

Priya and Asha are second-generation Indian Americans. Their grandparents struggled so their parents could come to America. Their parents, Suneeta (Veena Sood) and Vijay (Rizwan Manji), struggled to give them a good life in America. Both Asha and Priya are highly educated. While Asha has followed in her father’s footsteps and become an economist, Priya is a doctor. They are the very embodiment of the success of their family.

Nick is also a doctor, a neurosurgeon, to be precise. When the film begins, Priya and Nick are already engaged. And evidently, Suneeta and Vijay don’t know how to deal with it. On the one hand, he is a doctor, and that’s good. But then, he is not of Indian descent. Fortunately, they have decided to rise above their prejudices and accept Nick into the family.

We learn that Nick’s parents divorced when he was very young. According to some Hindu traditions, when people get married, they are united for seven reincarcerations. Nick has taken this notion to heart and made his own attempt to assimilate into Priya’s family and community. Much of the film’s humor stems from Nick’s interactions with others, during which he invariably makes some mistakes.

Nick’s assuredness about their relationship and determination to be part of her community inadvertently make Priya afraid. On the day of her wedding, Asha discovers that her sister is gone. She eventually finds Priya inside one of the many bathrooms of the wedding venue, drinking alcohol and panicking. After she has helped Priya calm down, Asha takes her to where the ceremony is supposed to be held. But then, they find that Nick is missing. He soon returns, riding on an autorickshaw that has been made to look like a pink elephant. Through his broken and nearly non-existent Hindi, he tells Priya that he loves her. And they married. Afterward, Ravi shows up and serves as the DJ at their reception.

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