Do Ravi and Asha End up Together at the End of Wedding Season?

Based on a script by debutant scriptwriter Shiwani Srivastava and directed by Tom Dey (‘Shanghai Noon’), Netflix’s ‘Wedding Season‘ is a romantic comedy film. Set in New Jersey and New York, the film revolves around Asha Maurya (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravishankar Shah (Suraj Sharma), two second-generation American Indians whose parents decide to play the matchmakers. Reluctantly, Ravi and Asha meet just to make their parents happy. However, Asha suggests that they should pretend to date and get through the wedding season together. It doesn’t take long before the sparks start flying. here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Wedding Season.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wedding Season Plot Synopsis

Before the start of the film, Asha upended her entire life. She ended her engagement, quit her lucrative Wall Street job, and moved to New Jersey to find herself. She now works for a loan initiative that seeks to improve the living condition of women in Southeast Asia. She has no time for dating, but her parents don’t listen. Suneeta (Veena Sood) and Vijay (Rizwan Manji) think their daughter made a terrible decision when she left her Wall Street job. Vijay, who is an economist like his daughter, thinks Asha is too much of an idealist. Asha’s sister, Priya (Ari Afsar), is a doctor and engaged to Nick (Sean Kleier), a white neurosurgeon.

Much of Asha’s attention is concentrated on convincing a delegation from Singapore to invest in their initiative. But during a workplace meeting, Suneeta sends the latest prospect for her daughter to date, who she found on an Indian American dating app called Dreamy Desi Partner. Asha is irritated by her mother’s actions but can’t do anything to stop them. When Suneeta picks Ravi as Asha’s new date, Asha points out to her that the way the profile has been worded, there is no way it was written by Ravi himself. As it turns out, it was actually Ravi’s father who prepared the profile.

Ravi’s parents, Dinesh (Manoj Sood) and Veena (Sonia Dhillon Tully), are almost as eager to get him into a relationship as Asha’s parents are with her. Convinced by their respective parents, Asha and Ravi meet and quickly realize that they are in completely different stages of their lives. While Asha’s life revolves around her work, for now, Ravi has put some distance between his life and his work. Realizing that the prospect of a relationship between her and Ravi will keep their parents happy, Asha suggests to Ravi that they should pretend to date and attend the weddings together. Ravi accepts and thus begins an unconventional romance.

Wedding Season Ending: Do Ravi and Asha End up Together?

‘Wedding Season’ doesn’t portray all facets of Indian American life. Frankly, that’s nearly impossible for any film. Instead, the makers of ‘Wedding Season’ focus on certain elements of the community and proceed from there. The film underscores the roles weddings play in bringing the community together. As Ravi and Asha attend wedding after wedding, they grow close. Asha learns that Ravi is actually an international DJ known by the moniker Spellbound. in turn, Ravi learns how passionate Asha is about her work. Soon enough, their fake relationship becomes real.

It is revealed that Ravi hasn’t finished college, and Dinesh is so ashamed of it that he has forbidden his son to speak about it to anyone, including Asha and her family. But one group of people have an inclination about it — the gossiping aunties. One of them tries to tell Asha’s parents, but they brush it off. Meanwhile, following Ravi’s advice, Asha draws from her own experience and that of her family in the pitch before the initiative’s prospective investors from Singapore. It turns out to be a massive success, and Asha receives the promotion that her boss was originally up for. Moreover, she learns that a mysterious group named Red Star has invested in the project, further enlarging their capital.

As always, the truth eventually comes out. When Suneeta learns that her daughter has big news to share, she immediately thinks it must be about engagement. She and Vijay invite Dinesh and Veena. Priya and Nick are also there when Asha returns home with Ravi. When Asha reveals that the big news is about her job and includes her possible relocation to London, pandemonium ensues, which eventually leads to Ravi admitting that he is a college dropout. Asha also learns that Ravi is behind the Red Star donation. He served as a DJ at Facebook parties back in the day, and they paid him with stocks. He is now worth millions.

Asha and Ravi fight and Ravi tells Asha that he loves her. Although she clearly reciprocates his feelings, she ends the relationship. Afterward, they both are miserable, and Asha comes to see that she has made a mistake, but when she goes to see Ravi, she finds him speaking to another girl. Believing they must be dating, Asha says what she came to say and leaves before Ravi can reply.

The climactic scene takes place at Priya and Nick’s wedding. Ravi shows up to serve as a DJ. It is revealed that the girl from earlier is actually his cousin. He and Asha reconcile and seemingly move to London together.

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