Do Tao and Elle Get Together in Heartstopper?

The endearing friendship of Tao Xu and Elle Argent forms one of the adorable storylines in Netflix’s romantic series ‘Heartstopper.’ When Elle suffered from severe transphobia of her fellow students in Truham, Tao was one of her support systems. Even after Elle’s transfer to Higgs, he always makes sure that he is there for her whenever necessary.

They both enjoy each other’s company and friendship, which gradually grows to become more. Elle eventually confesses about having a crush on Tao to Tara and Darcy. Since Tao also expresses his feelings for Elle very subtly, one must be curious about the fate of their togetherness. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Tao and Elle Get Together?

When Charlie becomes more engaged with Nick, the friendship group that comprises Tao, Elle, Charlie, and Isaac gets affected. In addition to Charlie’s absence, Isaac also starts to not attend Tao’s movie nights. Elle, however, always goes to Tao’s house and spends time with him. The days and nights they spend together gradually stir feelings for each other in them. Elle, the first one to recognize the same, even reveals her crush on her friend to her girl gang. Tara and Darcy try their best to set both of them on a date but fail. Since Tao is her best friend, Elle fears that her romantic feelings will affect their friendship, possibly separating him from her.

On sports day, Tao and Elle go to the art room in Truham and reminisce about their paintings. Toa’s feelings for Elle finally conquer him and he contemplates kissing her, only for her to go out of the room before he could it. Elle’s fear of sabotaging their friendship and Tao’s hesitation to process his feelings for her become obstacles in the way of them getting together. Charlie’s relationship with Nick and Elle’s transfer to Higgs has paved the way for enough changes in both of their lives, making them scared of more challenging changes. Thus, Tao and Elle do not get together.

However, admirers of Tao and Elle may not need to lose their hope of seeing them together. In Alice Oseman’s ‘Heartstopper,’ the source graphic novel of the show, both of them start to nurture a relationship together. If Netflix renews the show for a second season, we can expect to see Tao and Elle together in a relationship and cherishing their love for each other. In the novel, Elle accompanies Tao in his journey to get better emotionally, specifically after his reconciliation with Charlie. Her commitment to helping him with her company gradually grows to become a relationship.

Tao and Elle are nothing but two inseparable human beings. Even when their friends stay away from them, they make sure that the other one isn’t alone. More than anything, Tao fears losing Elle and he even makes her promise that she will never separate from him. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see their admirable attachment growing to become a formal relationship in the potential second season of the show. Emotionally, Tao and Elle complete each other’s lives and we can hope that we may see them getting together in the future.

For both Tao and Elle, life isn’t easy at all. The lack of acceptance and the abundance of disapproval they encounter only make their lives harder to live. Still, both of them make each other’s survival easier. Tao and Elle are happy and contented when they are together and we can wait for the possible renewal of the show for season 2 to see them potentially cherishing a beautiful relationship.

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