Do Tara and Darcy Stay Together or Break Up in Heartstopper?

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Although Netflix’s romantic seriesHeartstopper’ primarily revolves around the endearing togetherness of Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, the British show also focuses on the tales of their friends. Tara Jones and Darcy Olsson get into the friend circle of Charlie through their classmate and friend Elle Argent. Tara and Darcy came out as lesbians a long while ago and they cherish a beautiful relationship, which gets threatened in the second season of the series. While their friend Elle gets together with Tao, Tara gets separated from Darcy emotionally for a while, making the viewers concerned about the fate of their relationship. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tara and Darcy Remain Together

Tara and Darcy do stay together. While Nick and Charlie face several challenges to be in a relationship and Elle and Tao struggle to get together, Tara and Darcy nurture their togetherness. They eagerly await a study trip to Paris and their prom night to celebrate the same as a couple. Their relationship, however, gets threatened when Tara tells Darcy that she loves the latter, only for Darcy to not reply the same. Tara starts to wonder whether her girlfriend doesn’t love her enough to tell her that she loves her. Whenever Tara brings the topic up for a discussion, Darcy tries her best to avoid the same, which further affects their companionship.

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Darcy doesn’t tell Tara that she loves the latter because she feels that she is living two distinct lives. Tara’s mother knows that her daughter is a lesbian and that the latter has a girlfriend. She is even open to hosting Darcy for sleepovers. Darcy’s mother, on the other hand, doesn’t know that her daughter is a lesbian. Nor she will be able to accept Darcy even if she knows, which stops the latter from coming out to her mother. The moment her mother comes into the picture, Darcy is caged by the former’s orders and homophobia. That’s also the reason why she keeps Tara away from her family.

When Tara tells Darcy that she loves her, the latter starts to feel scared about the truths of her life. She questions whether her girlfriend will love and accept her life with her mother. As someone who hasn’t even come out to her mother yet, Darcy is worried that she may not be the perfect partner for Tara. These fears and concerns stop her from expressing her love to Tara freely. Darcy must have feared that the more their relationship gets stronger, the more her girlfriend will hate her once she knows the truth about her “other life.”

Darcy also must be ashamed to welcome Tara to another part of her life in which they will not be accepted for who they are. Upon receiving Tara’s mother’s love and acceptance, Darcy may not want to unsettle her girlfriend by dragging the latter into her life with her mother. Since Tara knows none of these concerns of her girlfriend, she must have misunderstood Darcy’s hesitation as the latter’s unwillingness to commit to her. Such a misunderstanding changes at the end of the second season as Tara meets Darcy’s mother while looking for her. After listening to the woman’s “concern” about her daughter acting like a lesbian, Tara must have realized why her girlfriend couldn’t come out to her mother yet.

Even after knowing about Darcy’s second life, Tara reaffirms her love for her partner. She convinces Darcy that she loves the latter irrespective of her troubled relationship with her mother and her decision to not come out as a lesbian to the latter. As someone who has experienced the hardships of being a lesbian in a queerphobic world, Tara can empathize with Darcy and the same empathy binds them together as a couple.

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