Does Aaron Die in The Walking Dead? Theories

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In AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead,’ Aaron turns around the lives of Rick and his group by inviting them to the safe haven of Alexandria. As the community’s recruiter, he follows Rick’s group enough to trust and open the doors of Alexandria to them. Over the years, Aaron encounters severe personal challenges, including the deaths of Eric and Paul, that crush him. Still, he protects Alexandria with all his might, even if it meant risking his own life.

In the eleventh season, Aaron narrowly escapes from death with the help of Lydia upon getting trapped in a basement full of walkers, leading the fans to worry about the character’s fate as the series progresses to conclude. So, will Aaron stay alive till the end of the show? Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Aaron Die?

Even when many of Aaron’s loved ones perish, the lieutenant of the Coalition escapes death to fight for his fellow Alexandrians bravely. He fights the Saviors under the leadership of Rick and then the Whisperers to protect his community. Although the severity of the hardships he suffers corrupts “the nice guy” in him, Aaron always tries to stick to the betterment of Alexandria. In the eleventh and final season, he gets into a basement filled with walkers to rescue Judith and Grace, only for him to get trapped. On the brink of his death, Lydia encounters and saves him before walkers can lay their hands on him.

Although Aaron’s death is a possibility, like any other survivor in the post-apocalyptic world, there is a fundamental reason to cling to the hope that he may not bite the dust. Aaron doesn’t die in the show’s source material ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book series. However, Aaron’s fate in the comic book series isn’t a final word regarding his fate in the show, especially since his partner Paul gets killed in the show irrespective of his survival in the comics.

The possibility of Aaron putting his life on the line is acknowledged more than anyone by Ross Marquand, who portrays the character on the show. “I’m just gonna say this, if [Aaron] has to sacrifice himself, I want him to go down in a blaze of glory. I just want him to have his mace arm on and I want him to have Jesus’ sword in the right hand and I just want him to spin around in a whirling dervish and just take out as many people as he can just spinning constantly and saving his daughter of course, in the process,” Marquand said to Insider.

As the series progresses to its end, Alexandrians are threatened by the walkers and the Commonwealth alike. As Aaron suspects, the new civilization may show their true nature to hijack Alexandria, leaving Aaron’s community at crossroads. If that’s the case, we can expect Aaron to stand upfront of the Alexandrians and his family to battle the mighty Commonwealth army without the fear of death. If Aaron manages to find a way to ensure his daughter’s safety, death may turn out to be the last thing he will worry about while fighting for his people, which can lead him to kick the bucket.

The way Aaron prioritizes the well-being of Alexandrians without even a thought about his own safety makes it harder to believe that the admirable character will triumph over death. In the rest of the show’s episodes, we hope to see Aaron stay alive and prove us wrong about his potential death.

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