Where are Maggie and Lydia in The Walking Dead? Are They Dead or Alive?

Image Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

The ninth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ season 11 ends with an astounding development concerning the fate of the Alexandrians. As the community confronts the lack of basic necessities, Eugene leads the army of the Commonwealth to Alexandria to offer their help to rebuild the safe zone. In the tenth episode of the eleventh season, most of the Alexandrians find comfort and security in the Commonwealth, along with the visible absence of Maggie and Lydia. If you are curious about the two pivotal characters’ whereabouts and status, we are here to share our thoughts about the same. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where are Maggie and Lydia? Are They Dead or Alive?

Maggie and Lydia are seemingly alive. As the Alexandrians settle down in the Commonwealth, Ezekiel enquires about Maggie and Lydia from Carol. Even though Carol doesn’t reveal their whereabouts, she tells Ezekiel that she thinks they are fine. After collecting the food supplies, Maggie arrives at crossroads to move her life forward. The Commonwealth army’s arrival does not excite Maggie like it does Daryl. Thinking that the Commonwealth is nothing but a hijacking community, Maggie may have refused to join the others in the new civilization.

Since almost all of the Wardens have perished and Meridian is abandoned, Maggie may have traveled to Hilltop to rebuild the community. At the end of the ninth episode of season 11, Maggie and Elijah are seen in Hilltop after a six-month flash-forward, indicating that she arrives at her former home one way or the other. Since she doesn’t want to consider the offers of the Commonwealth, she may lead her own community in Hilltop and her departure from the Alexandrians can be her first step. She may have asked Lydia and Elijah to join her as well.

Since the rulers of the Commonwealth want to encapture the other potent communities to kill any sort of opposition, Maggie may have realized the need of having a community outside the reign of the Commonwealth to resist them if they turn out to be vicious. Her encounter with the Commonwealth army, led by Daryl, makes it evident that she and Hilltop are nothing but opposing forces of the new civilization. In a way, Maggie and Lydia’s departure can be the beginning point of Hilltop’s rebuild and renaissance. When Pamela displays her interest to become the authority of the significant survivor communities, she may need to face the opposition of Maggie at the Hilltop.

Maggie and Lydia can also be on a journey to find Negan. When Daryl informs Lydia that Negan left and isn’t coming back to them, she expresses her sadness. Since he leaves due to Maggie, Lydia and Maggie can be on an expedition to find him and convince him to return. In the ‘Talking Dead’ episode named ‘The Walking Dead: Season 11 Preview Special,’ showrunner Angela Kang said that the season will explore the themes of forgiveness, especially between enemies, using Maggie and Negan.

If Maggie can forgive Negan for the greater good of the Alexandrians, she may be accompanying Lydia to find him. After the recent deaths of multiple Alexandrians or allies, including Alden, the community cannot accept a valuable member walking away from them. In the upcoming episodes of the eleventh season, we can look forward to seeing the ambiguity regarding Maggie, Lydia, and Negan get cleared.

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