Does Daryl Die in The Walking Dead? Theories

Image Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Daryl Dixon is one of the most influential figures among the survivors in AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead.’ Upon the apocalypse, Daryl becomes a specialist hunter and unflinching slayer of the walkers. Over the eleven seasons, his brotherly bond with Rick, his fight against the numerous enemies, and his determination to protect his Alexandrian family irrespective of the threats and challenges make him admirable and one of the fan-favorite characters of the show. However, Daryl’s courage and resolution also lead the admirers of the character to worry about his fate. As the legendary show prepares to conclude, here’s everything you need to know about Daryl’s fate! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Daryl Die?

Ever since the apocalypse, Daryl faces death numerous times. From the Governor to the Saviors and the Whisperers to the Reapers, Daryl always manages to end up triumphant upon fighting deadly enemies one after the other. As the de facto commander of the Alexandrians upon Rick’s presumed death, Daryl stands tall as the symbol of hope and survival for his community. Still, Daryl’s fate isn’t secure enough for the fans to not worry about his potential death. As the series progresses to its conclusion, one can’t be blamed for worrying whether the renowned show will conclude with the death of one of the principal protagonists’ life.

However, as far as ‘The Walking Dead’ franchise/universe is concerned, we may not see Daryl’s death in the eleventh and final season of the show. As the flagship series comes to an end, AMC had already announced an untitled spin-off series focusing on Daryl and Carol, indicating that Daryl will most likely survive the events of the eleventh season’s narrative alive. The spin-off series’ narrative is expected to commence sometime in the future upon the events of the eleventh season and will follow Daryl and Carol’s intricate and entwined lives forward.

The creation of the spin-off series most likely settles the concerns regarding Daryl’s fate. Since the character isn’t from the comic book series the show is based on, ‘The Walking Dead’ showrunner and the spin-off series co-creator Angela Kang has complete authority to determine the fate of the character. Thus, we can look forward to seeing the character surviving the events of the show’s finale alive to return in the spin-off series. A narrative that solely focuses on Daryl, Carol, and their relationship will definitely do justice to Daryl’s scope and significance as a character.

Even though Daryl may stay alive by the end of the show, his road to the events of the season 11 finale may not be without challenges. His decision to join the Commonwealth army and its repercussions on Hilltop and Maggie may not make his life any easier. His loyalties, priorities, and principles may arrive at crossroads as he wears the Commonwealth army’s uniform to potentially fight Maggie and her community in the Hilltop. There’s also a possibility that he will abandon his army to join Maggie to resist the vicious intentions of the Commonwealth. Either way, Daryl will face a mighty opposition as always.

Daryl’s triumph over death is also inevitable for the safety and security of Judith and Rick Grimes Jr. Since Pamela and the Commonwealth are expected to show their true nature to Alexandrians sooner than later, Daryl needs to be alive for his family and Alexandria’s survival. Daryl’s unresolved relationship with Leah and the possibility of their reunion also displays that the character can be far away from death. Therefore, in the rest of the episodes of the series, we can look forward to seeing Daryl choosing between Maggie and the Commonwealth and his potential reunion with his ex-lover.

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