Will Leah and Daryl End Up Together in The Walking Dead? Theories

Image Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

In the tenth season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead,’ Daryl Dixon comes across the mysterious Leah Shaw, whose pet named Dog begins to share a bond with the former. The two of them start to encounter each other in the woods numerous times, only to end up living together. They spellbind each other with love while fighting the dangers that loom around the woods.

However, Daryl’s decision to leave Leah for other priorities ends their relationship. In season 11, Daryl and Leah encounter each other again, which affects both of their lives severely. As they still nurture feelings for each other, one must be wondering about the prospects of seeing Leah and Daryl end up together. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Leah and Daryl End Up Together?

Leah and Daryl get together like no other couple. During the first few encounters, Leah makes Daryl sweat even to know her name. The latter, on the other hand, leaves Leah frequently to search for Rick. Their relationship comes to an abrupt end when Daryl decides to continue his searches, leaving his lover. In season 11, Daryl lies to Leah about his intentions to get into the Reapers and Meridian. Even though they don’t explicitly reveal it, they still have feelings for each other.

When Daryl finally confesses his true intentions and reveals about Maggie and others, Leah feels betrayed, again. She resists her feelings towards Daryl and asks her men to capture the enemies that have intruded into Meridian, including her former lover. Daryl’s lie, which is nothing but inevitable for the survival of Alexandria, harms the potential of his reconciliation with Leah. “I think it [Daryl’s lie] almost completely destroys them. […] I think, for her [Leah], of course she still loves him, but he’s betrayed her on multiple levels, multiple times now. So she has to choose something different. She can’t choose him,” Lynn Collins, who portrays Leah, said to AMC.

Daryl’s inevitable betrayal may eliminate any chances of his reunion with Leah, at least temporarily. Since he is the cause of the Reapers’ downfall and death of several Reapers, whom Leah considered as a family, she may curb her feelings to even exact vengeance on him. Leah and Daryl’s actions may also make each other realize that they can only prioritize their family and survival above a reunion and relationship. Daryl’s new pathway as a Commonwealth trooper may also keep him away from Leah.

After getting shot by Maggie, Leah may invest her time and energy to either rebuild the Reapers or find a new direction for the survival of herself and the remnants of the Reapers. Upon conceiving a new pathway for her life ahead, Leah may encounter Daryl again. Her wrath, even if it meant killing her unresolved feelings for Daryl, may find her former lover and challenge him in his new life. We may see Leah and Daryl dealing with contradicting emotions concerning each other while the former most possibly weaves a plan to take revenge on the latter.

However, these factors and possibilities do not necessarily mean that Leah and Daryl will not end up together. Their reconciliation is still a possibility if Leah gets over “the betrayals” by understanding Daryl’s position. “I think there is truly real love there. They [Leah and Daryl] did love each other. She loves him, even though he’s betrayed her now three times,” Collins said to Insider in October 2021. We can hope that Leah and Daryl will get over their differences and misunderstandings to make amends and end up together in the remaining episodes of the show.

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