Does Alan Die in Russian Doll Season 2?

Alan Zaveri (Charlie Barnett) is the deuteragonist of ‘Russian Doll.’ In more ways than one, he is the total opposite of protagonist Nadia Vulvokov (Natasha Lyonne). If he is withdrawn, insecure, unhappy, and reserved, Nadia is wild, opinionated, independent, and chaotic. The dichotomy between these two characters serves as an important plot device in the show.

In season 1, Alan is deeply depressed, which seemingly culminates in suicide before he is trapped in the time loop. As the season progresses and he learns about Nadia’s existence, he begins to evolve and change for the better. In season 2, we see that he has a long way to go before he can find happiness for himself. If you are wondering whether Alan survives in the second season of ‘Russian Doll,’ this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Alan Die?

No, Alan doesn’t die in the second season of ‘Russian Doll.’ He and Nadia have been killed enough times in the first season. The parameters are entirely different this time. After Nadia tells him that she can travel into the past by taking the 6 trains from 77th Street, Alan decides to try it out himself. He presumably stays longer on the train than Nadia and ends up in East Germany in 1962, inhabiting the mind and body of his grandmother, Agnes, who is a student from Ghana. He develops a romantic interest in Agnes’ boyfriend, Lenny, and learns that Lenny and his friends are planning to escape to West Germany through a tunnel.

Being risk-averse, Alan tries to dissuade Lenny and the others, telling them they can see their families 27 years later when the Berlin Wall falls. But neither Lenny nor his friends want to wait. Alan never finds out whether they safely make it to the other side. After Nadia causes the time to collapse, both she and Alan end up in that dreaded bathroom at Nadia’s 36th birthday party. Time as we know it continues to unravel, making Nadia realize that she must get her infant self back to her time. She and Alan end up in the void, where Alan meets Agnes, who later moved to New York and began working for the MTA. Nadia runs into her a few times in 1982.

Through Agnes, Alan found a modicum of happiness in 1962. ‘Russian Doll’ indicates that Alan needs to further explore his sexuality and gender identity. Moreover, Alan finds his self-worth with the help of his grandmother. She aids him in his attempts to rise above his insecurities and depression. But the show doesn’t miraculously cure him of his issues because that would have been an easy and dishonest solution. For both him and Nadia, their road to recovery will be a long one. He gets out of the void before Nadia and is at Ruth’s wake when she (Nadia) finally gets there.

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