Does Angelina Die in Manifest? [Spoiler]

The final season of Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ brings the story of the 191 passengers of Flight 828 to an end as the Death Date arrives. It all started with the mysterious disappearance of the flight in 2013, which appeared five and a half years later without having aged a day. For the next five and a half years, all the passengers embark on their paths, doing good and bad things of their own accord. In the end, however, they are judged collectively for their actions. Passangers like Ben Stone follow the Callings and want to save the world by doing good things, while others like Angelina choose a darker path. On the final day, she is judged for her actions. Does she survive? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Does Angelina Die?

In the beginning, Angelina was like any other passenger. The scales of her deeds were balanced, and had she remained the same; she could have ensured her survival of the Death Date. However, as time passes, she becomes increasingly disillusioned about who she is meant to be, leading to her downfall and that of others. Angelina came from a deeply religious family, so her parents thought she was possessed when she started to have Callings. They kept her locked in a basement, but she was saved by Michaela, who had a Calling about her.

When she came to New York, she was taken in by the Stone family, where she bonded with Cal and became obsessed with his sister, Eden, whom she considered a guardian angel. When Adrian convinced her to “go to her,” Angelina killed Grace and kidnapped Eden. Eventually, the Callings helped Ben regain his daughter, but this didn’t stop Angelina. She got her hands on the Omega Sapphire and abused its power to create false Callings to manipulate Ben and Cal.

Even though she knew all the passengers would be judged collectively on the Death Date, she didn’t try to save the Lifeboat. Her continued misuse of the sapphire resulted in volcanic fissures all over the city. In the final year of the Death Date, with Eagan’s help, Angelina convinces some survivors that she is an archangel sent by the Lord. Those who follow her will be saved, while the rest of the world will be destroyed. To ensure the world’s destruction, Angelina kills Fiona Clarke and Captain Daly, believing them to be the witnesses who must be killed to bring about the end of days.

In the final episode of ‘Manifest,’ when Death Day arrives, the plane reappears. While Ben and the others try to get all the passengers onboard, Angelina and her followers threaten to kill them if they don’t get off the plane. Eventually, all the passengers get on the plane. When a fissure gets wider, Angelina is almost left behind, but Ben helps her. She apologizes to him for killing Grace, saying she never intended to do that. While she seems remorseful for killing Grace, Angelina did many other bad things in the past five and a half years. She had several chances to change her ways and help save the Lifeboat, but she remained convinced she was the good guy and didn’t care who she was hurting.

Ultimately, her bad deeds outweigh the good when the judgment is passed upon her. Like ten other passengers, Angelina burns from within and turns into ash. In her final moments, she is shocked that God is punishing her even though he chose her. For the rest, however, this doesn’t come as a surprise. She had wreaked enough chaos and pain on the Stone family and several others for them to want her dead.

Once Angelina and ten other passengers have turned to ash, the plane flies into the Glow again. When it comes out of there, the passengers find themselves in 2013, their lives restored to the point when they had disappeared. These passengers get a second chance at life, but those like Angelina are erased from existence. The new mystery for the world is the mysterious disappearance of the eleven passengers because everyone except the passengers has forgotten what happened in the past eleven years. This confirms that Angelina and the others are dead.

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