Are Callings Memories in Manifest, Explained

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Ever since the reappearance of Flight 828 in Netflix’s supernatural seriesManifest,’ the passengers of the plane have been trying to unravel the mystery behind the callings. Since the callings often lead them to life-altering developments, 828ers have attempted to find the source of the same as well. In the first part of the fourth season of the show, Cal and Olive Stone team up with Saanvi Bahl to know more about callings and how they can be used to survive the impending apocalypse. As the trio makes astounding progress about the divine consciousness, we have dived into the nuances of the callings. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Callings Memories?

After Angelina abducts Eden Stone, Cal and Olive start to look for a way to help their father Ben Stone, who has been searching for his abducted daughter. Cal and Olive go through several peacock and star signs and symbols. Olive soon realizes that the star symbolizes enlightenment. As they make progress in the same, the materials with the signs and symbols start to glow, making Cal realize that they are part of the “divine consciousness. Upon discussing the same, Saanvi, Cal, and Olive conclude that the callings originated from the divine consciousness.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Since callings are already stored and can be accessed in the divine consciousness, Saanvi, Cal, and olive theorize that they are memories. To make sure, Saanvi also conducts an MRI test and examines the result. She notices that Cal’s memory center does glow when he gets a calling, which further establishes that the callings are memories. Although the show is yet to answer when exactly the passengers live through the events in the callings they get, the trio’s theory cannot be ruled off since Cal even proves the same.

While Ben sets out to find Eden in Adrian Shannon’s establishment, Cal receives a calling concerning the same. He arrives at the place to convince Angelina to stay away from Ben and Eden. Although Angelina has a bomb activation device in her hand, Cal approaches her courageously. When his family members express their concerns over his security, Cal lets them know that he is already aware of the outcome and that the bomb will not kill him. His words indicate that he came to know about the consequences of the explosion through a calling, which may have already happened possibly in an alternative timeline.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Before Saanvi, Cal, and Olive, Major-General Kathryn Fitz has already realized the possibility of callings and memories being the same, which leads her to experiment on several 828ers. Saanvi has gone through the reports of the same and consulted Dr. Gupta to understand Fitz’s experiments. Although she leaves her “lab rats” almost dead, it is clear that she has tried to access the divine consciousness using the memory center of the passengers. Saanvi is aiming to do the same but without making the individuals who help her suffer.

Having said that, Saanvi, Cal, and Olive’s theories don’t explain how Eden, who hasn’t traveled on Flight 828, gets callings. In the first part of the fourth season, Eden scribbles certain letters in a book, motivating Ben to unravel the mystery behind the same. His investigation leads him to a care center where Fitz’s victims are treated. We may need to wait for the second part of the fourth season to discover how a non-passenger such as Eden can get callings when she hasn’t been in the divine consciousness to access any callings.

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