Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Ending, Explained: Will the World End?

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The first part of Netflix’s supernatural seriesManifest’ begins with the aftermath of Grace Stone’s death and Angelina’s abduction of Eden Stone. Ben Stone, still mourning his wife’s death, tries his best to find Eden. Cal, who returns to his family five and half years older upon disappearing after touching the tailfin, receives a significant gift that makes him the potential savior of not only the Flight 828 passengers but also of the world. The Lifeboat faces an enigmatic evil force in Angelina, who aspires to put an end to the existence of the world.

The enthralling first part of the season ends with a startling cliffhanger, an affecting death, and concerns over the survival of humankind. If you are up for a detailed look at the same, consider us your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Recap

The first part of ‘Manifest’ season 4 begins with a passenger named Henry Kim, with the original black box of Flight 828, meeting Cal. Henry lets him know that the answers to every question he is seeking are within himself. When Cal notices a dragon scar on Henry’s arm, the latter tells the former that Cal also has the same but inside him rather than outside. Ben continues his efforts to find Eden by tracing Angelina. Saanvi Bahl and Robert Vance have set up a temporary laboratory to solve the mystery behind Flight 828. They try their best to avoid the Death Date, which is just eighteen months away.

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The passengers start to see callings of volcanic eruptions and ashes that rain on them. When Ben almost finds Eden, Angelina seeks refuge in Adrian Shannon’s establishment. While trying to find any way to track down Eden, Cal and his sister Olive Stone come across several peacock and star signs and symbols. They decode the same as “divine consciousness” and share the update with Saanvi. The trio realizes that the callings they receive are originated from the divine consciousness. They perceive that they will be able to save the Lifeboat from the Death Date if they manage to access the callings rather than wait for them.

While talking to the co-pilot of Flight 828, Cal recollects that he was in the divine consciousness for the five and a half years he had grown with Captain Bill and Fiona. Adrian visits Eagan Tehrani at his prison and talks about Angelina. Eagan uses Angelina’s location to get out of the prison. Using the location, Ben tracks down Angelina and Eden but gets captured by Adrian. Jared Vasquez, Michaela Stone, and Zeke Landon arrive at the place to help Ben. With the help of Cal, Ben retrieves Eden from Angelina, who escapes before Jared could arrest her. Angelina’s parents team up to kill the passengers who offered shelter to their daughter and Eden while they were on the run.

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Cal gets diagnosed with cancer again. Alex Bates informs the Stones that Cal will only live weeks, if not days in the worst-case scenario. Olive connects the sapphires found in Flight 828, its passengers, and Ben’s hand to the sapphire on which Moses stood while receiving the Ten Commandments from God and the sapphires Oracle of Delphi used to get prophecies. She theorizes that sapphires are agents of enlightenment that can be used to access callings from the divine consciousness. Saanvi talks to Dr. Gupta and finds out that Kathryn Fitz had already done experiments to access the callings using several passengers, who ends up neurologically dead.

Olive and others discover that a particular sapphire named Omega is essential for accessing the callings in the divine consciousness. Michaela and Saanvi set out to find the same while Olive guides them from her house. They also seek the help of Eagan, who lets them know that the sapphire is inside a building he is familiar with. After solving a series of puzzles, the group discovers the Omega sapphire but Eagan steals the same and runs away.

Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Ending: Will the Apocalypse Happen? Why Does Angelina Want to End the World?

After knowing about the Death Date, Michaela, Ben, Saanvi, and their group start to fear the deaths of the passengers in a few years. However, their understanding of the same changes when Cal, Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi get a calling in which they see a volcanic apocalypse happening in the presence of Zeke, Jared, and Olive. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that an apocalypse may happen in no time, affecting not only the 828ers but the whole world. Their worst fear starts to get materialized when Angelina obtains the Omega sapphire from Eagan. Although Ben and Michaela try their best to stop Angelina from using the gemstone to end the world, she kickstarts the apocalypse with a piece of the Omega sapphire.

After getting rescued from her parents, Angelina believes that she is saved by Michaela to lead her to her guardian angel. She eventually meets Eden and believes that Ben and Grace’s daughter is the angel who will protect her. But when Eden chooses Ben over her, Angelina believes that she miscomprehended what really happened to her. She starts to think that she was destined to obtain the Omega sapphire, which has the potency to end the world, rather than get connected to Eden. After getting discarded by Eden, she starts to believe that she doesn’t need a guardian angel since she is the guardian angel of the world.

Angelina was raised by two religious fanatics who connected each and everything to the actions of God. When Flight 828 disappears and reappears after five and a half years, Angelina and her parents see the same as the actions of God. She starts to wish to free humankind from the burden of earthly challenges by guiding them to God. As far as Angelina is concerned, annihilation and salvation are the only ways to fulfill her wish. Thus, she initiates the apocalypse to end the world so that, in her view, the unworthy will perish in the molten lava flows while the worthy will be carried to the lap of God after their deaths.

By the time Angelina leaves her school with a piece of Omega sapphire in her hand, the deadly lava flows have started to gush to the other parts of New York City. As long as Angelina possesses the shard of Omega sapphire, she will be able to oversee the apocalypse and ensure that the world is irrevocably coming to an end. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the world will end for sure. The apocalypse has only started and Angelina’s potency can be challenged if anyone manages to remove the sapphire from her hand. Although it is a fatal mission, the Stones may try their best to stop her by trying to retrieve the Omega sapphire from Angelina.

The moment the shard of sapphire is removed from Angelina’s hand, the apocalypse most likely will stop. Considering that Cal has sapphire in him, he may be able to make use of the same to defeat Angelina and her vicious plans to end the world.

Is Zeke Dead? How Does He Save Cal?

While Michaela and Ben unsuccessfully try to stop Angelina, Ben’s health deteriorates. He gets a calling which he shares with Angelina and by the time the same ends, he is nearly dead. Cal asks Zeke to call Olive to see his sister one last time, only for Zeke to overhear Olive says that Cal is the only person who can save the world. Zeke, to save Cal, the passengers of Flight 828, and the entire world, sacrifices himself. He touches Cal’s arm and frees the latter from his cancer by accepting the same to his body as he usually does with people to read their minds.

Zeke has never revealed that he can free someone from their potential death by accepting the same. Michaela, her family members, and their friends only know that Zeke can look inside a person’s mind and thoughts to feel the internalized pain. He has only displayed how he can accept the pain from people and experience the same in his body. But with Cal, not only Zeke accepts the former’s ailment but also frees the savior of humanity from the terminal disease. He must have kept his ability a secret to use it at the most pivotal occasion and not to worry his wife.

When the world falls apart due to Angelina’s actions, Zeke realizes that it is time for him to use the unrevealed ability to give the Lifeboat a fighting chance to survive and save the world from the apocalypse. Although Zeke has previously beaten his Death Date once, we may not see him doing it again since he is seemingly dead without any chance of resurrection. Still, it will not be a surprise to see him in callings of the Stones as they set out to stop the agent of the apocalypse.

Will Cal Save the World from the Apocalypse?

While Angelina tries to fulfill her wish to end the world, the dragon scar on Cal’s arm brightens with a blue shine, indicating that sapphire is in him. The skin sample Saanvi takes from the same scar also glows at the same time, making it clear that Cal is the “holy grail.” Considering that Cal is potent enough to share a calling with Angelina even while the latter possesses the Omega sapphire, the potency of Cal can be second to none. Since Zeke sacrifices himself for Cal to survive his cancer and save the world, the latter is expected to try his best to stop Angelina.

Upon finding more information about the Goddess Maat, Olive discovers that if a dragon touches the sapphire, it could tip the scales of the Lifeboat to save the passengers and the world. Since Cal is the dragon and the Lifeboat is judged as a whole, he may be able to save the world from the apocalypse. As he wakes up as a healthy being, Cal may rush to Angelina to stop her from making any more damage to the world. If his dragon succeeds in overpowering the shard of Omega sapphire, Angelina can only accept defeat and put an end to her plan to oversee the completion of the apocalypse.

Since Saanvi and Vance are arrested by the authorities, Cal can be on his own in his fight against Angelina. We can expect Vance to use his authority to get released as soon as possible and if he manages to do that, Saanvi and Cal may team up together against the tiny piece of Omega sapphire. Although even Cal is unaware of his and his sapphire’s potential, we likely will be able to stop Angelina since she only has a shard of the Omega sapphire rather than the whole gemstone. In the second part of the fourth season, we can expect a showdown between Cal and Angelina and if the former prevails, the world will be saved.

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