What Are Sapphires in Manifest, Explained

In Netflix’s supernatural seriesManifest’ season 4, the Lifeboat members are trying their best to overcome the Death Date, which is just eighteen months away. Saanvi Bahl and Robert Vance set up a makeshift lab in a hidden location so that they can continue their efforts to unravel the mystery behind Flight 828 for the survival of the passengers. Saanvi teams up with Cal Stone, who has disappeared from Eureka, only to reappear five and a half years older. As they continue their experiments, Olive Stone lets them know that sapphires can be an integral part of the same. But what exactly is the significance of the gemstone? Let us explain! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sapphire as a Bridge to the Divine

When Cal and Olive try to find a lead to save the Lifeboat from the Death Date, they stumble upon several peacock signs or symbols. They also see a peacock sign in the compass Logan Strickland gave to Michaela Stone to save the passengers. Upon going through each peacock symbol, Olive realizes that she has a tarot card with a peacock and star on it. While they try to solve the mystery behind the peacock, Michaela keeps Kyle Boyd’s gift on a chair, which also contains a star. Suddenly, all the signs and symbols start to glow like how they glowed right before Flight 828 disappeared.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Cal opens the compass and reads, “Divina conciencia,” which translates into “divine consciousness.” Divine consciousness refers to the origin of the callings the passengers of Flight 828 have been receiving since stepping out of the plane. Cal and Olive realize that there are unlimited callings in the divine consciousness and they share the update with Saanvi. The trio theorizes that they will be able to avoid the Death Date if they can find the callings that will lead them to the survival of the passengers from the divine consciousness but they initially fail to understand how they can discover the same rather than waiting for them.

While Cal and Saanvi meet a dead end with their theory, Olive makes progress. She connects all the miracles that happened yet to the sapphire. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that sapphire was present in Flight 828, the passengers, the glowing hand of her father Ben Stone, the tailfin, the ark piece, and even at Eureka. Whenever an otherworldly event happens, sapphire is present in the same. She connects the sapphire to myths that concern prophesies and divine interventions. Olive finds out that Moses was standing on sapphire when he received the Ten Commandments from God and the Oracle of Delphi used sapphire to get her prophecies.

In addition, it is believed that God taught Adam about the world using tablets made of sapphire. In the Bible, sapphire is considered an element of “clearness.” Exodus 24:10 reads, “and they saw the God of Israel. There was under his feet as it were a pavement of sapphire stone, like the very heaven for clearness.” Thus, sapphire can be used as an agent or bridge between humans and the divine consciousness so that callings concerning the Death Date can be accessed from the same instead of waiting for them to dawn upon the passengers. Although Olive makes a breakthrough, she isn’t the first one to realize the significance of the gemstone.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Major-General Kathryn Fitz has used sapphire to gain access to callings stored in the divine consciousness. She experimented on several passengers without caring about the consequences of the same. Fitz’s lab rats became neurologically dead and wheelchair-bound patients in a care center. The challenge in front of Saanvi is to use the sapphire without harming the passengers severely but before that Saanvi and other members of the Lifeboat need to retrieve the Omega sapphire, which is an essential part of the experiments Saanvi needs to conduct.

Although Michaela finds the Omega sapphire, Eagan Tehrani steals the same and runs away. Angelina then attacks Eagan and procures the sapphire. Meanwhile, the skin sample Saanvi has taken from Cal glows, indicating that he possesses sapphire inside him. As Angelina uses a piece of Omega sapphire to initiate the apocalypse, Cal has to use the sapphire in him to prevent the world from ending.

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