Will Saanvi and Alex End Up Together in Manifest? Theories

Dr. Saanvi Bahl is one of the most selfless characters in ‘Manifest.’ To solve the mystery behind Montego Air Flight 828, Saanvi sacrifices her own life and focuses completely on her experiments to find out the truth behind the plane’s disappearance and the callings the passengers have been getting. In the fourth season of the show, which premiered on Netflix, Saanvi tries her best to find out whether she can generate callings from the divine consciousness rather than waiting for the same. While she deals with the same, a personal affair leads her to Alex Bates, her ex-girlfriend. Inspired by the tensions between them, we have explored the prospects of seeing them reunite. Well, here are our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Saanvi and Alex Find Love Again?

When Saanvi first boarded Flight 828, she was supposed to join by Alex. However, Alex missed the flight and since Saanvi couldn’t disembark the plane in time, she became an “828er.” After Saanvi’s reappearance, Alex lets her know that they shouldn’t see each other anymore, putting an end to their relationship. Still, Saanvi has nurtured feelings for her. The fourth season of the show reveals that Saanvi almost sends a message to Alex, confessing her feelings for the latter, but she decides against sending the same when Robert Vance invites her to his new “research center.” Without thinking twice, Saanvi agrees to join him.

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From Saanvi’s decision to join Vance, it is evident what’s stopping Saanvi and Alex from reuniting. As far as Saanvi is concerned, investigating Flight 828, saving the passengers, and avoiding the calamity of the Death Date always remain her priorities. Even though she still has feelings for Alex, she cannot put her life first when hundreds of lives are facing death at a short distance. She chooses sacrifice over love, intentionally killing any possibility of their reunion. Saanvi wants to get back together with Alex but not at the expense of the 828ers’ lives.

Although Alex nearly boarded Flight 828, she isn’t an 828er. She can only witness the struggles of Saanvi and her fellow passengers but cannot experience the same to understand why Saanvi prioritizes the mysterious plane over her. Thus, the differences between them make them severely incompatible, affecting the chances of their reunion. Since Alex has never given any indication of putting an effort to accept Saanvi’s duties and priorities, it is unlikely that she will change for her to re-enter the latter’s life. Saanvi and Alex may need to accept that they are not in a position to change themselves for the other for their reunion to happen.

In season 4, the health of Cal Stone, who has been living under the fake identity of Gabriel, deteriorates alarmingly. Zeke Landon takes him to Alex, who accepts the patient since he has become more or less Saanvi’s family. Saanvi and Alex team up to evaluate Cal’s test results and find a way to treat him. The meeting gives them an opportunity to spend some time together and calm their intense feelings for one another but nothing more happens between them. Neither Saanvi nor Alex takes an additional step forward to even bring up the subject of getting back together, which makes it clear that the viewers may not need to hope for the same.

In addition, reuniting with Alex can be the last thing on Saanvi’s mind. While celebrating Michaela Stone and Zeke’s wedding anniversary, she shares a calling with Michaela, Cal, and Ben Stones as they see a volcanic eruption happening in the presence of Jared Vasquez, Olive Stone, and Zeke. Saanvi and others realize that the calling can be an indication that a volcanic apocalypse will happen, wiping out the entire world rather than just the 828ers. While expecting an apocalypse, Saanvi’s focus is expected to remain only on her research on the divine consciousness to avoid any catastrophe, shutting every door to her possible reunion with Alex.

Having said that, although Saanvi and Alex’s reunion is improbable, it isn’t impossible. While facing an apocalypse, Saanvi may want to pour her heart out to the love of her life, which may lead to their reunion. However, we can only wait to see whether the selfless Saanvi will do the same when the world is slowly collapsing around her.

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