Does “Baby” Billy Leave Tiffany in The Righteous Gemstones?

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‘The Righteous Gemstones’ is a collection of fascinatingly imperfect characters. They are almost universally hypocritic, but each has unique shortcomings that separate them from the others. “Baby” Billy Freeman (Walton Goggins) is Aimee-Leigh’s brother. When they were children, they were part of a song-and-dance double-act. But after Aimee-Leigh met Eli, she eventually stopped performing with her brother and set up the Gemstone Ministries with her husband. “Baby” Billy has held a grudge against his brother-in-law because of this, and even Aimee-Leigh’s death didn’t bring them close. Eli sees “Baby” Billy for what he is — a compulsive liar and an opportunist.

Over the years, “Baby” Billy has had several wives and girlfriends who seem to share certain traits. When the series begins, he is married to Tiffany, who is significantly younger than him. In season 2 episode 4, titled ‘As to How They Might Destroy Him,’ “Baby Billy” abruptly departs from BJ’s baptism party, leaving a very pregnant Tiffany behind. If you are wondering whether “Baby” Billy has left Tiffany for good, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does “Baby” Billy” Leave Tiffany?

Yes, “Baby” Billy leaves Tiffany behind. And this is not the first time he has done this. Earlier in the same episode, in a flashback scene, we see him deserting his former wife Gloria and their child Harmon in a mall. He later visits his sister and claims that Gloria has left him. Aimee-Leigh is understandably worried about his brother. And Eli, because it’s Christmas, lets his brother-in-law stay with them. Eventually, Aimee-Leigh learns the truth from Gloria and confronts her brother.

“Baby” Bailly claims that he left them because of his inability to provide for his family, which is a bizarre excuse. If anything, his departure will worsen their financial condition. His reasons for leaving Gloria and Harmon are purely selfish. He knows that he can’t provide for them, so instead of facing that failure, he runs away. In the present, he simply repeats that pattern with Tiffany and her unborn child. Even though he is doing financially better now after his miraculous survival, he is still filled with fear, self-deprecation, and envy.

Image Credit: Ryan Green/ HBO

In season 2 episode 7, titled ‘And Infants Shall Rule Over Them,’ BJ, Judy, and Tiffany find him trying to sell some snake oil remedy. Once more, when confronted because of his actions, he tries to turn it around and blame everyone else except himself. Unfortunately for him, Judy is less forgiving than her mother.

At some point, he has to go back and amend his past mistakes if he wants to stop committing them. This means that if he wants to be part of the life of his and Tiffany’s child, he has to make at least an attempt to reconcile with Harmon and Gloria.

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