Does Charlotte Ritchie’s Kate Die in You Season 4? Spoilers

Netflix’s ‘You’ follows the story of Joe Goldberg, who has a history of killing almost every woman he has fallen in love with. Every season, he sets his eyes on someone new. Things start well, but then Joe discovers something about them, which convinces him they are not his true match. Instead of breaking up with them, Joe ends up killing them. This pattern puts a question mark on the fate of his future love interests. In the fourth season, despite trying not to, he falls for Kate. As usual, people start dying around him, which might make you wonder if Kate is one of the victims. Does Joe kill her, or does he finally break his habit? Let’s find out.

New Beginnings: Kate’s Fresh Start with Joe

Joe’s previous relationships failed because he thought none of those women understood him. They didn’t value his feelings for them. The cycle started with Candace (that we know of). Despite Joe being so devoted to her, she cheats on him and then breaks things off. Joe tried to rekindle their romance, but things turned violent, and the day ended with Joe burying Candace in a shallow grave. She did return later, only to die again, properly this time.

Then there was Beck. Once again, Joe gave everything to their relationship, but Beck never quite appreciated him. She broke up with him, got back together, and then had an affair with her therapist. Just when Joe thought things had settled down between them, she found his stash of souvenirs from previous murders. He tried to reason with her but ended up strangling her. His story continued to be a tragedy when he found Love Quinn, who turned out to be a psychopath herself. There was no escaping her, so he killed her too.

What happened with Beck also happened with Marienne. She fell in love with him until she learned about his past and ran away. He didn’t want to kill her, but she took her own life when she discovered she had lost custody of her daughter again. If only Marienne had accepted Joe for who he was, they would have lived happily ever after. Joe regretted Marienne’s death but found a new reason to live when he fell in love with Kate.

When Joe first met Kate, she was with Malcolm. He didn’t want to become obsessed with her because his previous obsessions had ended with death. Joe fell in love with her despite wanting to stay away from her. Over time, he discovered that Kate had a dark side too. To escape that, she left her father’s company and decided to have a fresh start. This is exactly what Joe had tried to do in London.

Having a dark past herself, Kate understood that people weren’t defined by what they had done. They could change if they wanted to, and this is the chance she also gives to Joe. After he tries to kill himself, Kate proposes something to him. They can be together on one condition: they will keep each other good. Both of them have a dark side, so whenever things get tough for one, the other will keep them from falling apart. 

Joe is relieved to hear this and readily accepts Kate’s offer.

Before they can start fresh, Kate asks Joe to tell her everything she needs to know about her past. Following this, she helps him deal with what happened in Madre Linda with Love. Joe gets his identity back and can return home. We can assume that Joe didn’t tell Kate everything. He might have told her about Love’s violent tendencies, but he would have failed to mention his own murderous deeds. It can be assumed that he didn’t tell her about Beck and Candace and everyone he killed in the name of love, including Kate’s father.

There is little doubt that Kate will eventually find out everything, which is when Joe will have to decide whether he wants to repeat the same thing all over again. Until then, Kate is safe. Not only is Joe in love with her, but he also believes she is the only one who has seen him for who he is and accepted him. There is no reason for Joe to kill her. For now, at least.

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