Does Cruella Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The landscape of franchise filmmaking has vastly changed ever since post-credits scenes became a norm. These scenes usually provide a cryptic tease about sequels, prequels, or spin-offs, whatever projects that may follow next. Post-credits scenes not only help hype the future installments but are also a way for the studios to test the waters regarding their plans for a franchise’s future.

Director Craig Gillespie’s take on the titular Disney character in ‘Cruella‘ intimately explores her origins. It maps her transformation into the evil fur-loving villainess we have all come to know and fear. The highly stylized, colorful, and exuberant film leaves audiences desiring more. Naturally, the question arises – does ‘Cruella‘ have an end-credits scene that teases more stories featuring the popular Disney villainess? Here’s what you need to know in that regard.

Does Cruella Have a Post-Credits Scene?

‘Cruella’ indeed has an extra scene, but it is a mid-credits scene instead of a traditional post-credits scene. Therefore, viewers only have to sit a bit longer to get a taste of Cruella’s devious plans that could become the subject of a sequel. From the get-go, the film is positioned as Cruella’s journey from a street urchin to the flamboyant and charismatic fashion industry icon. However, the bonus scene that plays shortly after the credits have rolled takes fans for a bit of a surprise.

In ‘Cruella,’ Estella learns of her true identity as the Baroness’ daughter. She also realizes that the Baroness killed her adoptive mother, Catherine. The Baroness’ dalmatians did the dirty work for her. However, it is never hinted that the dog-loving Cruella now resents the particular breed. She eventually gets her revenge on the Baroness. The film ends with Estella adopting the name of “Cruella” de Vil and taking over Hellman Hall and renaming it Hell Hall. Thus, completing her transformation.

Cruella Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

After the Baroness falls from grace, Cruella keeps her dalmatians, and one of them, Genghis, gets pregnant. In a mid-credits scene, Cruella delivers two Dalmatian puppies, one to Roger and another to Anita. A card accompanying the pups introduces them as Pongo and Perdita to their new owners. Roger begins to compose a song as a tribute to Cruella. On the surface, the scene is an obvious hint towards the sequel being an adaptation of ‘101 Dalmatians’ or (the older animated version ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’).

Although, it should be noted that the movie presents Cruella as a tragic figure and not the dog-killing villainess she is known as. Therefore, the scene is likely making some room between the events of the aforementioned film and ‘Cruella.’ Cruella has very personal reasons to hate the dalmatians. That aspect of the story could be further developed in the next installment. It is possible that Genghis gave birth to more pups, and we never get to see what happens to them.

If Cruella were already planning to use the pups for her fashion exploits, giving up the pups doesn’t make sense as she could very easily breed them herself. Ultimately, the mid-credits scene is likely just a way to tie in the movie with the more well-known narrative while also leaving room for a Cruella-focused sequel. The objective of the scene is clear: to get the audience talking about a sequel, and it most certainly succeeds in that regard.

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