Does Dr. Smith Die in Lost in Space Season 3?

The galactic adventures of ‘Lost in Space’ come to a frantic conclusion in season 3, as the inevitable war between the humans and Alien Robots finally erupts. Though the show centers around the conflict and mysterious connections between these two civilizations, there is a character that walks the line between the two and never truly picks a side.

The entertainingly ambiguous antagonist Dr. Smith causes chaos wherever she goes but also comes through and saves the central Robinson family on multiple occasions. Her character perpetually oscillates between being a villain who must be imprisoned and a surprisingly resourceful team member who sees things others don’t. We’ve enjoyed her antics for three seasons, but how do things end for Dr. Smith? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Dr. Smith Die in the End?

Dr. Zoe Smith, whose real name is June Harris, originally comes aboard the Resolute as a stowaway after stealing her sister’s identity. During the initial attack of the Alien Robots on the human spaceship, she steals the access key of Dr. Zachary Smith and subsequently begins to go by the alias of Dr. Zoe Smith, a psychotherapist. She is eventually rescued by the Robinson family and becomes a scheming member of the group, whose members quickly realize that Smith is not to be trusted.

After initially leaving a trail of injured and cheated people in her wake, Smith redeems herself by saving John’s life. She is also the second person after Will to form a bond with Robot, though she does it for personal reasons and enjoys having the powerful entity at her beck and call. However, as the odds against the human convoy get worse, Smith is forced to confront her actions and ends up helping the team at crucial junctures.

It is revealed that the initial Alien Robot attack on the Resolute is fortunate for Smith, who is at that time being questioned by Captain Radic after being discovered as a stowaway. Hence, the conwoman’s perpetual fear is being delivered back to the Resolute, where she will be retaken into custody. When she gets the chance, she wipes her records and the footage of her interrogation but remains in fear of Captain Radic, who remembers her face all too well.

Eventually, Smith makes it back to Alpha Centauri with the Robinsons. Despite her sketchy past, the character decides to turn herself in to the authorities. The last we see her, Smith is in prison, enjoying reading a book in the relative calm of her cell (as compared to the chaos of space, where she has spent the last many months.) She is visited by Maureen, who offers to help Smith when the latter is released from prison. However, we are given no clues as to just how long Smith is imprisoned for.

Since Smith doesn’t kill Captain Radic, all of her crimes are likely revealed. This includes the willful murder of an innocent man aboard the Resolute, who Smith seals into an airlock and then watches as he is sucked into space. Despite her good behavior and redeeming qualities, the murder is sure to keep Smith in prison for many, many years. Of course, escaping from custody is somewhat of a specialty of hers, but the Smith we see at the end is a changed one who willingly accepts her punishment and is touched by Maureen’s offer of help. Therefore, we expect Dr. Smith to remain in prison for the foreseeable future, or at least till the next catastrophe strikes.

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