Lost in Space Season 3 Ending, Explained: What Happens to Will and SAR?

‘Lost in Space’ follows the adventures of the Robinson family through space as they survive galactic hurdles and try to find their way home. Hot on their trail are the mysterious and overwhelmingly strong Alien Robots, who seem to have a mysterious affinity to the youngest Robinson — Will. The sci-fi series follows a complex plotline with breakneck speed but balances things with emotional and family drama that centers around the aforementioned family and their companions in space.

Season 3 brings us the final chapter of the adventure, and with the robots trying to find the human settlement and destroy it, the stakes have never been higher. A lot of dramatic shifts in power ensue, and the season finale keeps us guessing till the end as to the fates of the characters. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Lost in Space’ season 3 and make sure we picked up all its details. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lost in Space Season 3 Recap

Season 3 opens with the 97 children that were originally aboard the Resolute, now stranded on a distant planet while their parents try to survive in the Alien Robots’ home planetary system, known as the Danger system. Eventually, the youngsters commandeer an ancient spaceship, the Fortuna, to come to their parents’ rescue. However, the malevolent Alien Robots then begin to chase the Robinsons once again, and the intrepid family is forced to divert their pursuers in order to give the rest of the families a chance to reach Alpha Centauri.

Hence, once again, the Robinsons, along with Don, Dr. Smith, and the recently rescued Grant Kelly, find themselves stranded in a hostile star system. After crashing on a boggy planet, they soon come to the horrifying realization that the Alien Robots, led by SAR, have discovered the location of the human colony in Alpha Centauri. The Robinsons and Robot then race to get back to Alpha Centauri to warn the other colonists even as SAR prepares to invade.

Back in Alpha Centauri, a secret electric shielding system remains humanity’s only hope in holding off the invading robots. However, the shield falters, allowing a few of SAR’s ships to crash on the human-inhabited planet. Fortunately, Penny then makes the startling discovery that helping the robots (that have been injured in the crash) results in them overriding their programming and switching their allegiance to humans. However, SAR and a few of his loyal followers continue to attack the planet and look for Will.

Lost in Space Season 3 Ending: Does Will Die? What Happens to Robot and SAR?

Will, realizing that SAR intends to use the Alien Engine to destroy the planet, embarks on a frantic mission to the Robot’s homeworld in an attempt to get assistance from the Alien Robots that are not under SAR’s control. When the plan fails, Will’s Robot sacrifices himself to heal Will’s artificial heart, allowing the young boy to return to Alpha Centauri and confront SAR.

Will uses the alien sounds he discovered earlier to try and stop the villainous SAR from detonating the Alien Engine, which would annihilate the planet. However, SAR still manages to stab Will through the heart (for a second time!). However, it is then revealed that Robot foresaw SAR’s actions and accordingly embedded a piece of himself in Will’s chest. Slowly, Robot is able to enter SAR through his weapon and take control of the murderous Alien Robot. In the closing moments of season 3, we then see the Robinson family beginning to work on fixing their home planet in Alpha Centauri while Will and Robot embark on adventures to undiscovered planets within the galaxy.

Despite being stabbed through the heart twice by SAR, Will survives. The first time the young boy is stabbed is in the Danger system when he tries to reason with SAR and convey to the Alien Robot that it can overcome its own programming. However, the latter is revealed to be irredeemably murderous and stabs Will nonetheless.

In fact, it is SAR’s villainous nature that eventually leads to its downfall. Realizing that it will try to once again stab Will’s heart (which it believes is responsible for Will’s “programming”), Robot uses his own body to fortify the young Robinson’s chest. Thus, Will is unaffected by SAR’s second stab, and the act also allows Robot to infiltrate SAR’s system and take over his body.

Hence, at the end of ‘Lost in Space’ season 3, Robot is alive inside what was once SAR’s body, and Will is healthy, with a mechanical, Alien Robot fortified heart. It is not clear whether SAR is dead or its consciousness is still trapped inside the body with Robot. However, the murderous Alien Robot is well and truly subdued and has no physical form.

Does Alpha Centauri Get Destroyed? What Happens to the Alien Engine?

The planet colony in Alpha Centauri, the key to humanity’s survival, is ravaged by SAR’s attack. Though the shield is briefly engaged and results in the Alien Robot ships crashing, many of the near-indestructible invading creatures survive and begin to wreak havoc. Eventually, it is revealed that SAR intends to use the Alien Engine to cause a cataclysmic explosion that will leave the planet a hollow, lifeless shell, much like the dead planets seen earlier.

However, because of Penny’s discovery that results in many of the Alien Robots switching allegiances, the humans are able to delay SAR from getting its hands on the deadly weapon. When it finally tries to engage the Alien Engine, SAR is tricked into stabbing Will and is neutralized by Robot, who then disables the potent machine. Thus, Alpha Centauri is saved from being destroyed but suffers heavy damages, which Maureen optimistically describes as a chance to “rebuild something even better.”

Though we don’t know where the Alien Engine is taken, it is likely put inside the new ship that Maureen is designing to replace the now-destroyed Resolute. Considering humans are still dependent on the Alien Robot technology for intergalactic travel, their new ship will likely mirror its predecessor and use the Alien Engine to jump instantly through vast distances in space. However, after the chaos that stemmed from them initially using the engine, the humans of Alpha Centauri are likely to be a little more cautious around this new, potentially lethal, Alien Engine.

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