Who is SAR? Is He Dead or Alive at the End of Lost in Space?

‘Lost in Space’ follows the adventures of the intrepid Robinson family through space as they overcome hurdles and try to find their way back to the human colony. Season 3 brings the convoluted sci-fi narrative to an explosive close, pitting the elite Alien Robots against the main human colony in Alpha Centauri. At the helm of the invading forces is SAR, who has followed Will across galaxies, and now attempts to wipe out humanity. So, where did SAR come from? And does it survive at the end of ‘Lost in Space’? Let’s take a look. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is SAR?

SAR, which stands for “Second Alien Robot,” originally attacks Will and his family aboard their Jupiter ship in season 2. It gets into an explosive brawl with Robot, and the two eventually crash into the Resolute, where they continue to fight. SAR then becomes the de facto antagonist of the series and continues to come after Will repeatedly.

Initially, the deadly Alien Robot and his army of killer robots are seemingly driven by the objective of taking back the Alien Engine that is in possession of the humans. However, SAR’s motives go much deeper, and he is eventually revealed to be interested in how Will has changed Robot’s programming and made him docile. SAR seems to be on a mission to eventually become the leader of all the Alien Robots, which is why it is threatened when Will frees Robot from his programming.

To this end, SAR also kills off the entire species of beings that originally created and programmed the Alien Robots, revealing it to a horrified Will, who then realizes that his opponent is irredeemable. Sure enough, SAR stabs Will through the heart just moments later, thinking that the organ is responsible for the young Robinson’s “programming.” The revelation that SAR has killed off an entire species and that Will subsequently discovers their skeletons also hints at just how long SAR has been plotting to overthrow any sign of external leadership on the Alien Robots.

Is SAR Dead or Alive at the End?

When SAR stabs Will for the second time, the latter’s newly installed mechanical heart is fortified by a piece from Robot, which blocks the weapon. At this point, Robot’s consciousness, which has apparently lied in wait in the piece of metal, enters SAR’s body and takes control. After a brief struggle, Robot seems to win out and assimilates SAR, which is the last time we see the show’s murderous antagonist.

There is a possibility that SAR’s consciousness is destroyed when Robot takes control of its body. However, a part of the villainous Alien Robot could still be alive and present, merely being suppressed by Robot. Therefore, though SAR’s body is now essentially Robot’s body, we cannot say that SAR is dead for certain.

Regardless of its death, SAR’s plan seems to have fragmented since most of the Alien Robots eventually learn that they can break free of their programming. Hence, the Alien Robot race is finally changed from a programmed species to one with free will, making it seemingly impossible for SAR to rally them together to attack humans again. Hence, SAR might not be dead, but, with no physical body or troops to rally, it is certainly defeated.

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