Does Six-Thirty the Dog Die in Lessons in Chemistry?

Apple TV+’s ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ might be a show about a scientist battling sexism and misogyny in the 50s, but its heart and soul lie in the relationships between the characters and the emotions it evokes in the audience. One of the most important relationships in the show is between the protagonist, Elizabeth Zott, and her beloved dog, Six-Thirty. The third episode gives the audience a peek into the dog’s mind and how he sees the world. Considering that Elizabeth has already faced a tragic loss, will the dog be another casualty in the story? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Six-Thirty Meet a Tragic Fate?

Elizabeth Zott’s life has been full of tragedies and struggles, the most significant of which arrives when the love of her life dies in a tragic accident while their poor dog watches helplessly. This added to the surprise pregnancy throws Elizabeth into chaos as she grieves for Calvin while trying to piece together her life that has fallen into shambles. In all this, Six-Thirty becomes the rock she can lean on for comfort. But the dog is much more than just emotional support.

He is quite an intelligent dog who helps around the house and even takes care of the baby when Elizabeth is too exhausted and frustrated. This makes him an indispensable presence, and the viewers would be glad to know that he stays by her side his entire life. If you are worried that he might be next in line to be the source of another tragedy and heartbreak in Elizabeth’s story, then you can set aside those worries, as Six-Thirty is here to stay.

In Bonnie Garmus’ book, on which ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ is based, Six-Thirty stays by Elizabeth’s side through thick and thin and even saves her life at one point. He is one of the primary narrators of the book, giving the audience a unique insight into the Zott household and presenting an interesting take on things. Considering that the show expands the story outside Elizabeth’s inner circle and characters like Harriet receive a more significant role, we don’t see as much of Six-Thirty in other episodes, but he is always around.

In the third episode, Six-Thirty expresses his guilt for Calvin’s death and reveals that when he discovered that Elizabeth was pregnant, he vowed not to let his family down again. He is determined to do whatever it takes to protect them and let no harm come to Elizabeth and her daughter. He sticks to this promise for the rest of his life. In the show, which takes a seven-year leap in the fourth episode, the dog is already in the latter half of his life.

Considering that the average lifespan of a Goldendoodle is 10-15 years, Six-Thirty has quite a few more years left, which means he’ll stick till the end of Elizabeth’s story. The show might give him a proper farewell if they stretch the story beyond his lifespan, but it doesn’t happen in the books, and the show wouldn’t want to break its viewers’ hearts by killing the dog for no reason. With all this in mind, we can say that Six-Thirty will see the story to its end.

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