Does Emma Jacobs Get Fired? Did Caitlin Carver Leave Chicago Fire?

The eleventh season of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ startles the ardent admirers of the series with the death of Chief Evan Hawkins. After the paramedic officer’s death, his partner Violet Mikami falls into immense grief. Violet’s suffering only increases when Emma Jacobs returns to her life and makes it clear that she is going to make the paramedic’s life harder as an IAD officer of the CFD. Realizing the threat Emma poses against not just her but also Firehouse 51, Violet makes moves against her nemesis. Does that mean Emma get fired from the department? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Emma Jacobs Was Fired as a Paramedic

Emma Jacobs gets fired as a paramedic for abandoning her team in the line of duty. Violet and other firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51 find relief thinking that they shouldn’t need to worry about Emma again, only to get proven wrong. She returns as an IAD officer to the fire station to investigate Carver’s supposed manhandling during an emergency intervention. She clears Carver as a peace offering but Violet fights against her by trying to report her to her superior Frank Silva. Since she doesn’t have any evidence at hand, Violet initially fails to bring down Emma, provoking the latter.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

In the eleventh episode of season 11, Sylvie Brett deals with an inspection of her paramedic program and the program’s finances. As she and Violet wonder what instigated the inspection, Emma meets the latter and makes it evident that she is behind the same. Violet realizes the need for bringing down Emma for the sake of saving Brett’s paramedic program. When one of Hawkins’ cousins invites her to his home to take anything she wants, Violet procures his laptop, which contains voice memos that detail Emma’s blackmailing. Using the memos, Violet explains to Silva how Emma threatened to expose the former’s relationship with Hawkins if the paramedic chief won’t transfer his girlfriend from Firehouse 51.

Although Silva doesn’t fire Emma on-screen, it is possible that she is not an IAD officer anymore. Hawkins’ voice memos are unignorable evidence that supports Violet’s claim that Emma blackmailed a superior officer. Since Chief Boden also accompanies Violet to Silva’s office, Emma’s superior may not be able to ignore the case that involves a Deputy District Chief. Thus, Emma must have gotten fired. She may try to claim that Hawkins’ memos aren’t conclusive and impartial since Violet was his girlfriend but her prior record may influence her superiors to fire her and avoid a headache.

Caitlin Carver Has Likely Left Chicago Fire

Although neither NBC nor Caitlin Carver has released an announcement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘Chicago Fire,’ the probability of Emma getting fired indicates that her character arc most likely is concluded for now. Caitlin most likely returned to the show for a three-episode arc of Emma, which concludes with the eleventh episode of season 11. According to IMDb, Caitlin is not a part of the cast of the season’s twelfth season, which further shows that we have seen the last of the actress for now. Having said that, we may haven’t seen the last of Emma in the show since the character still has enough scope for making a return in the future.

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Since Emma manages to find another job in the CFD even after getting fired as a paramedic, it is evident that she knows her way around her superiors and the department. Even if her superiors fire her as an IAD officer to satisfy Boden and Violet for now, she may be able to get into another department within the CFD in a distinct post in the future. If that happens, Emma may resurface again in Violet’s life to exact vengeance on her former colleague since the latter has succeeded in bringing her down. Thus, even if Caitlin’s exit is confirmed, we can expect the actress to return to the show sometime in the future.

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