Did Heidi Grace Engerman’s Tracy Leave Chicago Fire?

The eleventh season of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ follows Violet Mikami and Evan Hawkins’ reunion as a couple. When Blake Gallo realizes that Violet cannot share her life with him, he starts to date Tracy, only to realize that she is his superior Christopher Herrmann’s niece. Although Gallo gets conflicted about nurturing a sexual relationship with Tracy behind Herrmann’s back, he doesn’t put an end to the same. In the ninth episode of the season, Gallo decides that he should come clean to Herrmann about what really happened with Tracy. Since Tracy doesn’t appear in the episode, the viewers may want to know more about Heidi Grace Engerman’s absence. Here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Tracy?

When Violet and Evan reunite, Gallo realizes that his wait for Violet will not end with a favorable result. Thus, he becomes open to meeting new people or in other words, “potential partners.” After meeting Tracy, the two of them start to cherish a steamy casual relationship. Even though Herrmann warns his colleagues not to bother his niece, Tracy doesn’t give Gallo a chance to put an end to their togetherness. Although Gallo feels guilty about seeing Tracy without letting Herrmann know about the same, he fails to stop seeing her as well.

In the ninth episode of the eighth season, Herrmann reveals that Tracy had gone back to her house after staying in Chicago for a while. The revelation astounds Gallo, who confesses to having a sexual relationship with Tracy to Herrmann. Since it is extremely unlikely that Herrmann will welcome his niece back to Chicago and Molly’s after Gallo’s confession, the viewers must be wondering whether we have seen the last of Heidi Grace Engerman in the show. Well, here’s what we can share about the same.

Did Heidi Grace Engerman Leave Chicago Fire?

Although neither NBC nor Heidi Grace Engerman has formally announced the departure of the actress from ‘Chicago Fire’ yet, Tracy’s return home indicates that Engerman had most likely left the action drama. Engerman’s character might have been introduced to add more drama to the storyline of Gallo and Violet. Since Violet becomes single after Evan’s death, reviving the possibility of her union with Gallo, Tracy’s story arc must have been concluded. In addition, Gallo’s confession regarding his relationship with Tracy to Herrmann concludes any tension that is present in their storyline, leaving the actress’ character without any scope.

Although Gallo and Tracy cherish an appealing time together, their companionship never grows to become anything more, indicating that Tracy was conceived for the narrative of only a few episodes. With her departure from Chicago, Tracy’s arc gets fulfilled, seemingly opening a gateway for Engerman’s departure from the show. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we can expect Gallo to revive his feelings for Violet. Although she isn’t in a state to date again, Gallo’s presence may help Violet to cope with her sadness. Furthermore, we can expect to see ‘Candyman’ fame Engerman in more exciting projects in the future.

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