Does Eternals Have a Post-Credits Scene?

‘Eternals’ is the 26th entry in the ‘MCU’ and introduces the titular ancient alien race with special powers. Directed by Chloé Zhao (‘Nomadland‘), the superhero movie follows the Eternals, who the Celestials have sent to protect humanity from the evil race known as the Deviants. Over the course of the film, we learn more about the Eternals’ place and purpose in the universe.

Their unique abilities and sense of morality are bound to captivate the audiences, leaving them hungry for more. Therefore, ardent ‘MCU‘ lovers must be wondering whether the movie includes any post-credits scenes that tease the characters’ future. Here’s a definitive answer to your queries! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Does Eternals Have a Post-Credits Scene?

‘Eternals’ has the hefty challenge of introducing ten Eternals while highlighting each of their unique sensibilities and skills. The film also dives deep into the characters’ history, which is connected to the cosmic side of the ‘MCU.’ By the time the film arrives at the conclusion of its lengthy 156 minutes runtime, the central conflict is resolved as the team succeeds in stopping “the emergence” process.

Without spilling the beans on much of the secrets and surprises or the actual ending, we are glad to inform you that the movie has two very special extra scenes after the credits that will undoubtedly leave fans satisfied and excited. However, if you wish to experience these scenes for yourself, we advise you to turn away now as we are entering major spoilers territory.

In the end, some of the team members decide to traverse the space in search of more Eternals to disclose the truth of their existence to them. On Earth, Sersi and her boyfriend, Dane Whitman, have a conversation about secrets between them before dark clouds begin to form in the distance. These two pivotal moments serve as the basis of the film’s two post-credits scenes. Without wasting any more time, let’s dig into them!

Eternals Mid-Credits Scene Explained

The first after-credits scene plays out shortly after the credits roll. In the scene, Thena, Makkari, and Druig are on their spaceship, traveling into the depths of space in search of other Eternals. They are greeted by the arrival of two guests who teleport themselves onto the spacecraft. The first visitor/intruder is none other than fan-favorite comic book character Pip the Troll.

Pip then introduces his companion, an alien from planet Titan, Starfox. Starfox tells the Eternals that he knows how to find more of their race but warns them that their friends are in grave danger. The scene should have fans excited for more than one reason. Firstly, singer/actor Harry Styles makes his ‘MCU’ debut as Starfox. Secondly, he is introduced as a Titan and brother of Thanos, which indicates that much of the character’s comic book background is being kept intact.

In the comics, the character is introduced as Eros and is a part of the Titanian race who are offshoots of the Eternals. He later becomes an important ally of the Avengers and adopts the name Starfox. Both Pip the Troll and Starfox have connections to Adam Warlock, who is a major player in the cosmic side of Marvel Comics. Warlock is set to appear in the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,’ and we could get some indication of the threat Starfox is talking about in that movie.

Eternals End-Credits Scene Explained

After spending much of his time on the sidelines, Dane Whitman gets his turn to shine in the end-credits scene. Of course, longtime Marvel Comics fans must already be aware that Dane Whitman is the bearer of the Black Knight mantle. The first tease of this aspect of the character comes when Dane tries to tell Sersi of his “complicated” family history. In the end-credits scene, we see Dane opening an antique box to reveal an ancient sword inside. As Dane contemplates whether or not to touch the blade, a voice cautions him by asking whether he is ready.

The sword in question is likely the Ebony Blade, which in the comics is a mystical weapon that is the source of the Black Knight’s powers. The Black Knight is a mantle held by Dane’s ancestors, thus explaining Dane’s reservations about his family’s history. The overall intention of the scene is clear: it is meant as a setup for Dane to become the Black Knight. Dane and Sersi have served on the Avengers’ roster in the comics and could very well take the same path in future films.

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