Does Grace Die? Is Sierra McClain Leaving 9-1-1: Lone Star?

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FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ opens a window to the engrossing life of a 9-1-1 operator through the life of Grace Ryder. Grace directs the firefighters and paramedics of Station 126 to save countless lives even when clocks are ticking above her head. In the fifteenth episode of the fourth season, Grace leaves her desk to investigate an illegal organ trafficking group by putting her life on the line. Although Carlos Reyes and Sarina Washington take the case from her hand, Grace unravels the mystery behind the group on her own and sets out to capture the mastermind behind the same, making the viewers worry about her fate. So, should we be alarmed about Grace? Let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Grace’s Fate in 9-1-1

Grace’s life gets threatened multiple times in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ In the second season of the procedural series, Grace and her husband Judd Ryder get into an accident, only for her to get drowned. She eventually gets taken to a hospital where she recovers from the life-threatening accident. In the third season, Grace gets stuck in between a snowstorm when her water breaks. She delivers her baby amid the storm and other life-threatening conditions. In the fifteenth episode of season 4, an organ trafficker who introduces himself as Mike nearly captures her to steal her organs and leave her to die. Grace, however, manages to take a step ahead of the criminal and takes him down with the help of a police detective.

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After witnessing Grace putting her life on the line on several occasions, the viewers cannot be blamed for worrying about her fate. However, there aren’t any indications that Grace will die in the procedural series. Since she is first and foremost a 9-1-1 operator “tied” to her desk, the chances of Grace dying are extremely low in comparison with the other major characters of the series. Furthermore, Grace is too valuable a character for the writers of the procedural drama to kill her off. According to co-creator Tim Minear, Grace is a highly significant part of the series. “Judd and Grace [Sierra McClain], to me, are the foundation of everything, and they have been since the pilot,” Minear told EW in May 2022.

Minear’s words make it clear that we may not see Grace die in the near future. Since the show is renewed for the fifth season, we can expect the “co-foundation” of the series to feature in the same alive. Having said that, Grace may continue to confront death at a short distance. Sierra McClain recently teased that Grace will team up with Carlos more as they do in the fifteenth episode of season 4. She may get into danger again but we can expect her to do the same after setting up an escape route. The chances of Grace dying have alarmed the fans about the possibility of McClain leaving the procedural drama. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Sierra McClain’s Status Unconfirmed by FOX

As of yet, neither FOX nor Sierra McClain has released a statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ Since the chances of Grace dying are little to none, we may not need to worry about McClain leaving the show due to creative decisions. In addition, the actress hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the procedural drama she has been a part of for more than three years. Considering Minear’s aforementioned words, it is clear that McClain is an indispensable part of the show. The actress hasn’t committed to any other projects recently that will take her away from the series as well.

Image Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX

Considering these factors, we believe that McClain will most likely continue featuring in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Grace to deal with a personal crisis involving Judd. “You’ll see Grace dealing with some personal stuff and Judd dealing with some personal things, and they will be left with decisions that need to be made that’ll be tough ones,” McClain revealed to TV Guide. “Obviously, they love each other and that’ll get ’em through anything, just like everything else. But it’s Lone Star’s typical signature: We’re gonna take you through the wringer,” the actress added.

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