Does Hugo Hand Over Simon in The Longest Night? [Spoiler]

‘The Longest Night’ or ‘La noche más larga is a Spanish-language crime action-thriller series. Set exclusively on Christmas Eve except for the flashback scenes, the story predominantly revolves around serial killer The alligator, whose real name is Simón Lago (Luis Callejo), and prison director Hugo Roca (Alberto Ammann). These two characters can’t be more different. However, due to the circumstances, Hugo is forced to ensure Simón’s safety.

While preparing to have dinner with his children, Hugo discovers that The Alligator has been arrested, and instead of a maximum-security prison, he is being brought to his facility, Baruca Hill, which serves both as a prison and psychiatric hospital. Hugo soon learns that his eldest, Laura, has been kidnapped. An armed group then attacks Baruca Hill. They demand that Simón has to be handed over to them, the very thing Laura’s kidnappers told him not to do. If you are wondering whether Hugo hands Simón over by the end of the season, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Hugo Hand Simón Over?

While ‘The Longest Night’ inspires a multitude of questions in the viewer’s mind throughout its first season, one remains constant: Will Hugo hand Simón over? When Hugo brings Simón to his cell, the latter tells him this will be a long night. The fact that the serial killer knows his name understandably unsettles Hugo. Soon, he receives a video message from the phone belonging to his oldest child, Laura. In it, the young girl holds up a sign that tells Hugo that Laura will be killed if he hands Simón over.

That message pretty much dictates Hugo’s actions for the remainder of the series. In flashbacks, we learn that Laura has heart disease and nearly drowned in a pool once after having an episode while she was underwater. Hugo will do anything to protect Laura or his children, including jeopardizing the lives of people serving under him and in his care. two

As Hugo’s intentions align with the duty of a prison guard, he finds support among his staff. Initially, no one except Dr. Elisa Montero, Hugo’s colleague and girlfriend, knows Laura has been kidnapped. The members of his staff loyally follow him, believing that he is doing the right thing for the right reasons. They don’t know that he has been compromised. When Macarena Montes (Sabela Arán), an outsider assigned to Baruca Hill for the night because of Simón, figures this out, she rebels against Hugo’s authorities and tries to hand Simón over to the attackers to prevent any more unnecessary deaths. A desperate Hugo pushes her off the roof, presumably killing her.

Throughout the season, attackers, guards, and inmates/patients die because Hugo doesn’t hand Simón over. To be fair, he faces a choice that isn’t really a choice at all. What decent father will not choose their child over everything else? While we may question Hugo’s decision to bring his other two children to the facility, it’s hard to deny that Hugo is a wonderful father. And it seems that Simón’s collaborators have known this and exploited it.

In the season finale, the attackers, under the command of Lennon, nearly gain full control over Baruca Hill, prompting Hugo to make one last desperate attempt to push them back. More people die, but Hugo still doesn’t hand over Simón. When the season ends, Lennon and his people still haven’t captured Simón.

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