Does Ingrid Die in Upload?

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios

Upload‘ finds Nathan Brown stuck in a plush afterlife facility called Lakeview after his untimely death in a freak self-drive car accident. His wealthy girlfriend, Ingrid, being a loyal “Horizen Family” member, quickly adds her dying boyfriend to her unlimited data plan. Thus, Nathan’s consciousness is saved, but he now finds himself under his girlfriend’s thumb, making their relationship strained, to say the least.

Season 2 ups the ante further, with Ingrid joining Nathan in his afterlife facility in order to prove her love to him. Soon enough, the exasperated boyfriend once again finds himself at stuffy fancy dinners hosted by Ingrid but bears it with a smile. After all, his girlfriend did give up her life to be with him. Or did she? Let’s take a look at whether Ingrid actually dies in ‘Upload.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Ingrid Die?

At the end of season 1, Ingrid shows up in Nathan’s desolate 2 Gig cell, saying that she’s Uploaded herself. This essentially means that she’s killed herself so that she can live an infinite afterlife with Nathan, most likely at Lakeview or some other, similarly posh afterlife community. Right off the bat, this seems like a suspicious claim for someone as notoriously shallow as Ingrid. Even though she is known for taking drastic measures (like sharpening her shoulder blades and putting bees on her face in the name of beauty), killing herself sounds too extreme.

Of course, it is also worth keeping in mind the threat that her father, Oliver Kannerman, makes when Ingrid reveals that she changed Nathan’s car settings, thus foiling the father’s plot to outright murder her boyfriend. However, the father merely says, “The gloves are off,” and once again, it is unlikely that he will harm his daughter, despite his anger.

As expected, it is soon revealed that Ingrid hasn’t sacrificed her life but is merely pretending to be an Upload, all the while sitting in her bathtub at home in a Hug Suit. Far from being dead, the only health complications Nathan’s scheming girlfriend faces are ones arising from spending too much time in a Hug Suit (as her toilet helpfully reminds her). Thus, Ingrid is very much alive, and pretending to be an Upload is merely a ploy to reaffirm her hold on Nathan and probably keep a closer eye on him in Lakeview.

Unfortunately for her, when she reveals the same to Nathan, hoping he’ll be excited at the prospect of rejoining her in the realm of the living, the boyfriend promptly breaks up with Ingrid. Even the body she has been growing for Nathan to someday be “Downloaded” into is commandeered by the Ludds, who gently hold Ingrid hostage.

By the end of season 2, Ingrid is furious at having her multiple schemes — including the one of having a digital baby with Nathan — thwarted. The vengeful ex-girlfriend subsequently pulls out one of Nathan’s hairs from an old hairbrush, undoubtedly to use his DNA for another dastardly plan. Thus, Ingrid is well and truly alive and back to her old, manipulative self, having dropped all pretenses of sacrificing herself for the man she claims to love. Nathan’s new flame Nora better watch out!

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