Does Isaac Die in Choose or Die? [Spoiler]

Netflix’s horror-thriller film ‘Choose or Die’ follows Kayla, who comes across a video game titled ‘CURS>R’ at the apartment of her friend Isaac. Realizing that she could claim the prize money of $125,000 by completing the game, Kayla starts playing, only for the game to control the reality around her. When ‘CURS>R’ threatens the life of Kayla and the people around her, including Isaac, he sets out to find the source of the game. He discovers an address registered to the game and accompanies Kayla to the location, paving the way for severe consequences. If you are eager to know what happens to him, let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Isaac Die?

Yes, Isaac does die. When Isaac realizes that Kayla’s horrifying experience with ‘CURS>R’ is shockingly real, he promises to help her. They wait for the third level of the game together, which demands Kayla to choose either Isaac or her late brother Ricky. She chooses Isaac and saves him from death. Isaac’s distressing experience motivates him to unravel the mystery behind the game and he discovers an address registered to the same. He joins Kayla to go to a warehouse and encounters a videotape in which Beck, the developer of the game, explains the history of ‘CURS>R.’

Rather than completing the game to get freed from it, Isaac and Kayla decide to find another way to terminate it. The videotape of the trial run gives the duo the command prompt they need and they try to leave the premise with the tape, only for the game to start with level four. Since Isaac tries to “cheat the game,” the curse falls on him as he gets trapped in a medium that resembles analog video. Kayla gets forced to choose to rewind or fast forward to save Isaac and she chooses to do the latter. However, he starts to vomit videotape and eventually dies.

Even though Kayla succeeds in saving her mother from the curse, she fails to rescue Isaac. She proceeds to the fifth and final level of ‘CURS>R’ at the expense of Isaac’s life. His efforts to free Kayla from the harrowing predicament end with his death, leaving her to play the fifth level alone. Kayla’s victory or completion of the fourth level is nothing but a punishment for her and Isaac. While the latter loses his life, the former is forced to carry the guilt of leading her friend to death and witness the same.

Isaac’s death also displays the scary might of ‘CURS>R.’ The game effortlessly eliminates him when he tries to conquer it using his intelligence. His wish to get together with Kayla also meets a tragic end with his demise. The appalling end of Isaac’s life teaches Kayla that ‘CURS>R’ works in a way it shouldn’t be. When she becomes a curser, she decides to curse those who deserve the suffering and not ones like Isaac, who deserved to continue living, even possibly with her.

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