Does Jared Die in Manifest? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ serves a complicated mystery to the audience in the form of a group of passengers who boarded a flight that landed after five years with no effect whatsoever on their age. Meanwhile, the people back home had to move on with their lives believing they had lost their loved ones. One of those people is Jared Vasquez. He had proposed to his girlfriend, Michaela Stone before she boarded Flight 828 and disappeared for more than five years. They were supposed to get married when she returned, but by the time that happened, things had become too complicated for both of them.

Apart from the trouble in their personal lives, Jared and Michaela also go through some tough times and have to face very dangerous situations in order to save their loved ones. A lot of important characters have died in ‘Manifest’ over the years, which means that the sword is hanging over everyone’s head, including Jared. Will he survive the events of Season 4? Let’s find out.

What Happened to Jared Vasquez?

One of the words that can be used to describe Jared Vasquez’s life in ‘Manifest’ is tragic. He loses the love of his life when Flight 828 vanishes into thin air. He has no idea what happened to Michaela, and he doesn’t even know if she would have said yes to his marriage proposal. After a while, when it looks like the passengers of 828 are most likely dead and the mystery of their disappearance might never be solved, he decides to move forward with his life. He ends up marrying Michaela’s best friend. But then, more than five years later, Flight 828 appears just as suddenly as it had disappeared.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

With Michaela back in the picture, things get complicated for Jared’s marriage, and by the end of the first season, he is divorced. Now, he has hope that he might end up with Michaela, but then, Zeke enters the picture and Michaela ends up marrying him instead. Because their love for each other never went away, Jared and Michaela are caught up in a complicated web of feelings where they care for each other but can’t be together.

Apart from the tragedy in his love life, Jared also faces a nosedive in his career. Since Michaela’s return, he had been helping her with her Callings which often tied up with criminal cases. At first, they explained it away as anonymous tips, but when the hatred against the passengers increases, Jared has to pay the price for siding with them. From a lieutenant, he is demoted to the post of a beat cop.

All these bad things happening in Jared’s life make us wonder if it might get worse for him, to the point where he might even die. The shocking death of one of the main characters isn’t unheard of in ‘Manifest’, and since there is still a lot to happen in the story, there might be a chance that Jared might not survive by the end. Most of the time, the lead characters find themselves in a bind and someone has to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Should such a situation rise again, Jared is one of the people who will not hesitate to give their life to save others.

The key thing about Jared’s character is that his fate hinges on Michaela. Until the end of Season 4 Part 1, Jared’s role was reduced to an ex who can’t seem to let go of her. Michaela chose Zeke over him, and it wouldn’t have made sense for her to leave her husband and go back to the man she’d already rejected once. In that case, it would have made sense for Jared to die in some heroic act. But the situation has changed now. Zeke sacrifices himself to save Cal, and with him out of the picture, it looks like Jared and Michaela might finally get to be together. In that case, it wouldn’t make sense for the show to kill him now. It seems like Jared might make it alive to the end of the series, after all.

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