Is Zeke Landon Dead in Manifest? Did Matt Long Leave Manifest?

The fourth season of Netflix’s supernatural seriesManifest’ follows the Stones’ efforts to overcome the Death Date with the help of Saanvi Bahl and Robert Vance. Olive and Cal Stone’s efforts to find a way to save the Lifeboat lead them to the discovery of “divine consciousness,” the origin of the callings. As the group of Flight 828 passengers tries their best to avoid a calamity, Michaela Stone’s husband Zeke Landon offers his help to the group, ignoring his own concerns. In the tenth episode of the season, Zeke makes a significant decision concerning his fate for the betterment of his family. If you want to know more about the same, including whether we will be seeing Matt Long’s character in the next part of the season, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Zeke Landon’s Tragic Fate

Yes, Zeke Landon is dead. Upon knowing about the divine consciousness, Cal and Olive team up with Saanvi to find the Omega sapphire to use it as a bridge between them and the source of the callings. Although Michaela and Saanvi find the sapphire, Eagan steals the same from them. Angelina then steals it from Eagan to initiate an apocalypse to end the world. Meanwhile, Cal, who has been fighting cancer, gets closer to death. As Angelina starts to materialize her vicious wish, Cal’s dragon scar brightens with a bluish glow, which indicates that he has sapphire in him.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

From Olive, Zeke comes to know that Cal is the only person who can save the world since he is the “dragon” who can touch the sapphire and tip the Lifeboat’s scale to rescue the passengers and the whole world. Zeke then touches Cal and the latter’s disease gets transported from the sick boy to Zeke, who accepts it to save Cal from dying of cancer. Zeke has been able to touch people’s hands to read their minds and experience their pains. With Cal, he is able to completely transfer the terminal disease from the former to him.

Zeke accepts death for Cal to live and save his family and the whole world. He knows that his survival is pointless if Cal is not alive to prevent the completion of Angelina’s apocalypse. As Matt Long’s character dies, the viewers may want to know whether the actor will feature in the second part of the show’s fourth season. Let’s find out.

Matt Long Might Come Back For Another Season

As of yet, neither Netflix nor Matt Long announced the departure of the actor from ‘Manifest.’ However, Zeke’s death is a strong indication that Matt most likely will not feature extensively in the second part of the show’s fourth season, if at all he is featuring. Even though Zeke has beaten the Death Date once, there aren’t any chances of him resurrecting after his death, which can mean that we won’t be seeing the character much in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Image Credit: Scott McDermott/Netflix

In September 2021, Long announced that he is returning in the fourth season as Zeke only for “some” part of the same, indicating that he may not be a part of the back end of the fourth season. However, since then, he was freed from the cast of ‘Gateway,’ a pilot which wasn’t picked up by NBC. Still, ‘Manifest’ has a history of killing off characters, especially reminding us of the death of Grace Stone, to do justice to the narrative of the show and Zeke’s death can be the same. If that’s the case, we may not need to expect Long to feature in the rest of the fourth season episodes as part of the main cast.

Long may still appear as Zeke in callings or flashback scenes in a guest capacity. Considering that Athena Karkanis, despite leaving the show after the third season, does appear in the fourth season briefly as Grace, we can look forward to seeing Long’s character in the same way.

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