Does Jepp “Big Man” Die in Sweet Tooth? [Spoiler]

Portrayed by Nonso Anozie, Tommy “Jepp” Jepperd or the Big Man is one of the important characters in Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth.’ Before the pandemic, Jepp was a renowned football player associated with the Orlando Guardians. His wife became pregnant during the pandemic, and they hoped their child would be normal and not a hybrid. When his newborn son turned out to be part sheep, Jepp panicked and tried to flee. But a conversation with Dr. Aditya Singh had a positive effect on him. Ultimately, he lost both his wife and son. To get them back, he briefly worked as a hybrid hunter for the Last Men before becoming a drifter. This is when he encounters Gus and saves him from multiple hunters. They subsequently become travel companions. If you are wondering whether Big Man dies in season 2 of ‘Sweet Tooth’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Jepp Survives Gunshot and Aids in Children’s Rescue

No, Jepp doesn’t die in the second season of ‘Sweet Tooth.’ When the first season ends, he has a gunshot wound which he sustains during his encounter with the Last Men, but with the help of Aimee Eden, he makes a recovery. She knows that if they help each other, their chances of rescuing their children will increase significantly. After witnessing how General Abbot is convincing town after town to join their cause with the promises of a cure, Jepp and Aimee reach out to the Sky Lords for help, promising them the spoils of war from the Last Men as a reward.

However, Jepp and Aimee have a falling out after the former confesses about his dark past as the hybrid hunter. When Aimee departs to rescue the children with the Sky Lords, she leaves Jepp behind. But that doesn’t stop him. He manages to get there by land and plays a crucial role in freeing the hybrid children. After reuniting with Gus, Jepp agrees that they should head back to the cabin in Yellowstone National Park, the place where Gus grew up. On their way there, they reunite with Bear/Becky.

When Aimee tells him that she has contracted the Sick, Jepp doesn’t know how to process the information. He urges her to use the booster shot they have found, but as it is made by sacrificing one of her children, Aimee refuses. After reaching the cabin, Jepp finds Gus a cassette player so he can listen to the message Birdie left for Pubba. Not long after, they learn that the Animal Army has been eradicated, and Abbot and his soldiers are on their way to Yellowstone. Despite the odds against them, Jepp and Aimee prepare to fight. Gus convinces them to let him be involved. After all, no one knows the environment better than him.

They first send the rest of the hybrid children to stay with the Andersons, the family that Gus and Jepp met in season 1. Even though the Last Men have the number advantage, Jepp and the others prove to be more than a match for them. Jepp personally fights Abbot, and at first, he is easily winning. But Abbot attacks the other man’s bad leg and leaves to find the hybrid children. Jepp is there when Gus accidentally calls on a herd of buffaloes and is horrified thinking that the young boy was killed in the stampede. After seeing that he is unharmed, Jepp barely has the chance to let out a sigh of relief before a dying Abbot shoots Gus with a crossbow bolt.

Fortunately, Gus survives, though he spends several days sleeping. During this period, Jepp listens to Birdie’s tape and buries Aimee, who dies of the Sick. When Gus wakes up and expresses his desire to go to Alaska to rescue Birdie, Jepp, Wendy, and Becky volunteer to come with him.

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